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Will you play on a PvE or PvP server ?



  • Slapshot1188Slapshot1188 Member LegendaryPosts: 15,878
    I love PvP... but to me this game just SCREAMS PvE...

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  • Deth70Deth70 Member UncommonPosts: 12
    PvE for me ...This game sorta brings back memories of the early days of FFXI where you had to have a tight well planed group to really get anything done well. Looking forward to that again.
  • MendelMendel Member LegendaryPosts: 5,499
    I voted unsure.  I'm unsure if I will even want to pursue this game (beyond a 3-6 month trial), and I'm unsure if the current PvE focus will remain constant through the remainder of the development process.  (I can't predict precisely what developers will do.  I believe that they will continue with their current plan to build a PvE game, but there's a chance that they'll change their minds (and staff)).

    I'm much more willing to wait and see what the final product is before I make any determination, even though I a predisposed to choose PvE.

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  • TokkenTokken Member EpicPosts: 3,381
    PvE for me. Look forward to the game!  I miss old school games like this.......

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  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 9,000
    edited December 2016
    I'm solo (mostly) PvE.  I like PvP and PvE zones and/or flagging.  No forced PvP.

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  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,196
    Will this game be PTP, BTP or FTP?
  • svannsvann Member RarePosts: 2,230
    edited December 2016
    There's a pvp server?  I thought they said it would come sometime in the future if they are doing well enough.

    Will there be different ruleset servers?

    We are definitely fans of alternate ruleset servers, be they PvP, role-playing focused, hard-core focused, etc. That said, our ability to offer alternate ruleset servers will depend, at least at launch, on how many servers we need and can support in total.

  • suckm3suckm3 Member UncommonPosts: 187
    Cool, already almost 100 people will play this overhyped crap. Good luck to keep the servers alive for at least 3 months :D

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  • SlyLoKSlyLoK Member RarePosts: 2,698
    Recore said:
    Will this game be PTP, BTP or FTP?
    From what I remember.

    No purchase price / Free download.
    Free Trial to level 5 or 10 or something.
    Subscription after that point.
  • GaxusnGaxusn Member UncommonPosts: 77
    PvE for sure; it will be Pantheons strength and primary focus. Nothing worse than playing a game for PvP when it's not the developers main focus, it shows.

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  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Member LegendaryPosts: 7,671
    PvE to get used to the game and test out each class, then if I decide on one that I like for potential pvp purposes I'll roll on the pvp server with it. My main goal with this game is just to relax and enjoy the grouping/game world/potential progression systems.
  • delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 7,009
    edited December 2016
    Albatroes said:
    PvE to get used to the game and test out each class, then if I decide on one that I like for potential pvp purposes I'll roll on the pvp server with it. My main goal with this game is just to relax and enjoy the grouping/game world/potential progression systems.

    You bring up a good point.

    If this is a game to last for years you can always see how things are going on the others side and PVP later :)

    If this mmo is anything like ALL OTHER RELEASES, developers, as hard as they try, their will be many bugs to fix.......Why torture yourself ?

    Think of it like this:

    If you get invited to a rock fight, why start off by hitting yourself with a rock first ?
  • BuccaneerBuccaneer Member UncommonPosts: 654
    I voted unsure due to waiting for the rule set for the PvP server. 

    If the ruleset promotes mindless ganking I will stick with the PvE server.
  • SinsaiSinsai Member UncommonPosts: 405

    The game is built on PvE

  • kitaradkitarad Member LegendaryPosts: 7,470
    I like to work with others . I do not enjoy people trying to kill me and therefore if I can choose I choose PvE.

  • Zer0KZer0K Member UncommonPosts: 68
    Waiting for a game that does PvE & PvP right without separate servers.  It's possible.
  • centkincentkin Member RarePosts: 1,527
    90-10 seems to be the norm where people are given the choice.
  • DullahanDullahan Member EpicPosts: 4,536
    Zer0K said:
    Waiting for a game that does PvE & PvP right without separate servers.  It's possible.
    If you mean a game that allows people who don't like PvP to be killed by other players, that will never happen.

    If you mean a game that features PvP with good PvE content, you are going to love Pantheon.

  • RedsaltRedsalt Member UncommonPosts: 83
    This game will be my PvE only game.  Hope they deliver.

    Redsalt... the other salt.

  • ste2000ste2000 Member EpicPosts: 6,194
    PVE, I would not even bother making a PvP server, I know some people will play it anyway, but it will be nice if Pantheon could make a point by proving that MMORPGs don't need PvP to be a success.

  • bcbullybcbully Member EpicPosts: 11,818
    As usual just like every mmorpg since WoW the pvp servers will be the largest server.

    Wildstar doesn't count lmao
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  • DullahanDullahan Member EpicPosts: 4,536
    PvP will never be as popular as PvE in a game like Pantheon, but it will be far more popular than what this poll suggests in a forum for a game catering specifically to PvE.

    The hardcore minority will be playing your Crowfalls, your CUs and so forth; but there is a large segment who will want a more traditional MMO with PvP, and they will be playing Pantheon. PvP is much, much more popular in 2016 than it was back in 2000, and even back then almost 10% of EQ servers were PvP rulesets (4 out of around 40).

  • CaldicotCaldicot Member UncommonPosts: 452
    If this game delivers I will play PvE on a PvP server... Yeah I'm weird I guess.

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  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441
    DMKano said:
    Oh I know - but EQ1 was based on DikuMUD PvE campaign - that is the basis of EQ1 core design

    PvP was there yes - but the focus of game development was clearly PvE first, PvP 2nd.

    Thats why I said "afterthought" as 90% of game development was focused on PvE
    To be fair did it also borrow more then a few things from Meridian 59. But it doesn't really matter, the mechanics are clearly PvE focused, the PvP feels more like an afterthought.

    I  don't think Pantheons PvP mechanics will be for me, I am backing it for the PvE. Crowfall, CU or Shards all seems likelier PvP games for me.
  • tatertoadtatertoad Member UncommonPosts: 26
    I'm going to try both.  Don't think I could deal with full loot / corpse camping in a PVE focused game, but I will at least check out the PVP server & ruleset.
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