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Baldur's Gate devs looking for beta testers!

VolgoreVolgore Member EpicPosts: 3,872
edited December 2016 in General Gaming
If you are interested in supporting Beamdog to beta test an upcoming title, check out this:

"We’re currently looking for adventurers, warriors, rogues, wizards, druids, clerics, rangers, monks and shamans who are interested in testing of our next game."

"Take heart fellow adventurers, for you have curried the favor of Boo, the only miniature giant space hamster in the realm!"

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  • XodicXodic RealityMember RarePosts: 917
    Would I like to test for Beamdog?

    Absof!inglutely! Thanks for the info @Volgore !
  • mystik13mystik13 AucklandMember UncommonPosts: 134
    Beamdog has produced very little of consequence.  Mostly they rerelease/update older games.  I give virtually all the credit for the enhanced editions to the original creators.

    Very low expectations of beamdog.
  • ShaighShaigh Member RarePosts: 1,898
    Had no idea that beamdog was working on something new so that's nice info. However, with singleplayer RPG I usually only do a single playthrough so wouldn't want to ruin it by playing the game in beta. Have fun with the testing.
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  • TheelyTheely Member UncommonPosts: 429
    What is the pay like?
  • waynejr2waynejr2 West Toluca Lake, CAMember EpicPosts: 7,768
    Theely said:
    What is the pay like?

    Close your eyes, what do you see?  

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  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 18,396
    Theely said:
    What is the pay like?
    About as good as it was before the whole early access thing.
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