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POLL: The Best MMO Era?



  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,147
    edited May 2017
    Early 1999-2005 was pretty much the time MMO's ended for me for being Good, World OF Warcraft the Original WOW was something I liked, IMO all these expansions killed the game off made me quit, The Talent Changes all the time is something I did not like and could not keep playing because of it and yes I played wow Since the Original Game, IMO World OF Warcraft is like a Dead Horse and I keep kicking it no matter how many times I have tried to go back to the game old outdated graphics, and character models besides the constant grind fest for PVP Gear, and the Original WOW no longer feels like its there.

    Now to me my Next Big Game I thought since 2013, was going to be Albion Online, but these developers have made all the wrong decisions in the game done really lame things including locking people out of portals for 2 hours, Removed all but 2 houses, removed Resource Conversions, and even banned my 2013 account saying I purchased gold but can only show me trading and a person saying they were there to deliver me my goods for a First offense in 4+ years.

    Because of this I have to say (Dark Fall Rise OF Agon) is my next biggest game besides Albion, its 100x better, although the graphics are dated the game itself is more fun PVP wise, feels more fun when it comes to combat, guilds, and siege, as well as upcoming games like (Ashes OF Creation) & (Crow Fall) seem to be going to be 100x better.

    In General Speaking around 1999-2005, MMO's are a lot better outdated absolutely but the games themselves were great like Planet Side vs Planet Side 2, I like the Original Better, and the only great thing I can say that has came out of MMO games since the last 17 years is MOBA, League OF Legends, DOTA, Smite, Overwatch, HOTS. Everything else I have seen or personally backed on kick starter has been a disappointment and failure in my eyes.

    The games I currently would recommend checking out.

    - Dark Fall Rise OF Agon / New Dawn
    - Crow Fall
    - Ashes OF Creation
    - Elder Scrolls Online

    Everything else in my eyes besides (EVE) which IMO has its own category besides a MMO so to speak has been a failure, FFXI was good for example, FFXIV is garbage.

  • QuarterStackQuarterStack Member RarePosts: 476
    edited May 2017
    The best era, to me, was up 'til around 2004, yes, around the time WoW came out.

    Why? Because before then, we saw developers each trying to put their own unique fingerprint on what a MMORPG could be, how it could play, what features it could have, etc. Developers strove to stand apart from others, not emulate them. EQ1 was nothing like Anarchy Online was nothing like DAoC was nothing like Shadowbane was nothing like Ultima Online was nothing like Lineage 1 or 2 was nothing like FFXI was nothing like Asheron's Call... and so on. Each game was its own unique experience.

    Even those that were clearly inspired by EQ1, such as FFXI, differentiated themselves enough from  it to become their own unique experience. Moving from one to another required you to learn new control and game systems. It didn't feel like picking up the same game with different graphics and only marginally different mechanics and systems.

    This was back when most larger companies wouldn't touch MMOs with a 10 foot pole, possibly because they didn't "get" them. They didn't see the "big money earning potential", so it wasn't worth their time or attention.

    It's only once WoW came along, and blew the doors open on the genre with its success, that suddenly everyone started coming out of the woodwork trying to get a piece of that pie, and yes... near every one of them was trying to emulate WoW. Developers like SOE immediately pounced on the "opportunity", by drastically changing up existing games (notably SWG and, to a somewhat lesser degree, EQ2) to be more WoW-like. Thus began the homogenization, streamlining and, yes, "dumbing down" of the genre we've seen happening over the 13 years or so since.

    Things really took a steep dive once the idea of F2P and Cash Shops took hold here in the West. It was a thing in the East for years before it was introduced here. Once Developers and Publishers realized they could eliminate the 'ceiling' a $15 monthly sub would bring in by replacing or augmenting it with a cash shop, allowing for unlimited spending, then designing their games around it, it was all over.

    The late 90s and early 2000s were absolutely the best time for the genre. It's when the most original ideas came out, the most risk-taking took place, and the only people playing a MMORPG were the people who actually *wanted* to play a MMORPG by definition, and had the patience and imagination to enjoy themselves without requiring a reward every 10 minutes to feel like they were "being productive". This is in contrast to people these days who just want a single player online game with a chat box and fleeting content, where the only thing "worth doing" is racing to the level cap so they can endlessly chase the newest shiny gear.

    Modern so-called MMOs aren't just a shadow of what they used to be. They're a shadow of a shadow. Most don't even qualify for the "RPG" label anymore.

    And for those who want to dismiss my opinion by saying "They weren't that good, you're just being nostalgic and wearing rose-colored glasses", don't bother. "Nostalgia" and "Rose Colored Glasses" isn't what kept me playing FFXI for 8 years, Lineage 2 for 5 years, and Anarchy Online for about 3 years, to name a few. And no, it has nothing to do with "fewer options". For one, there were more options than I think people realize nowadays, certainly considering the size of the genre back then. Further, there was no requirement to "play the one that sucked the least"; if I didn't like any of the options back then, I simply wouldn't have played any of them. Simple.
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  • karmathkarmath Member UncommonPosts: 899
    filmoret said:
    FF14, GW2, Rift, ESO, BDO, SWTOR,  Archeage 3.0...   You can't beat this list.
    For being horrible cash shop shitters destroying the genre with their cancer sure.
  • EldurianEldurian Member EpicPosts: 2,736
    For me it is pretty damming that more than half of us believe that the best MMORPGS were built before 2004.

    Despite people on these forums telling us to get over it, that games have evolved, that calling for old school games is just nostalgia. We persist in believing they were better. Maybe all that innovation and quality of life improvement was crap just as some of us have been saying all along.
    Being better than the current generation of MMOs is like being at the top of your remedial math class.

    Older MMOs were better in a lot of ways. But they were still prototypes. They weren't the best because they were the pinnacles of what MMOs can be.

    They were the best because developers have been taking a massive diarrhea dump all over the genre for ten years now. 
  • DhahranGirlDhahranGirl Newbie CommonPosts: 22
    Well, IMHO, older MMOs (not that I'm THAT old to remember them) have a certain quality to them that newer MMOs are lacking.  It may be related to dragons.

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