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Cartel artifact equipment authorization for account is cheaper than per character?

So i noticed that the cartel market has an artifact equipment authorization which allows preferred or f2p players to be able to wear purple graded items below level 50. And the authorization item has 2 types, one to unlock for the current character and the other to unlock for all characters on that account. So my question is, say if i have like the max number of characters on my account (which is 6 if im not mistaken), then i buy the artifact equipment authorization which allows all 6 of my characters to wear the purple graded items. So what if i happen to buy another character slot unlock which increases the max characters i have on this account from 6 to 7. Will the 7th character also have the privilege to wear artifact or purple graded items or do i need to buy another artifact equipment unlock for that character as well?


  • BakgrindBakgrind Member UncommonPosts: 423
    edited December 2016
    In 4.0 you could do that and I don't see that it has changed ,but I think you should do yourself a favor and give  customer service a call  simply because of the new CXP gearing system that is now in 5.0 may make  that purchase obsolete and useless and wasted money for you since by all accounts you have to maintain a continuous subscription in order to gain CXP that allows you to obtain gear. So in short with the old system you could of accessed any and all content ( story and gear ) as a ftp with the  new  model I am not so sure that it allows for one or both without being a subscriber.

    Oh and if you should call them please come back to the forums and let us know what they tell you since it could be very helpful for other people that come here for information.

    Update :

    I found this shortly after posting this and it appears that you will be locked out of any CXP should you drop your subscription and go ftp.

    What to expect when you drop your SWTOR Subscription

    If I am to name every single one, it would take me ages. The sad part is we still don’t really know about all of the new limitations and rules that apply to SWTOR F2P and Preferred statuses after the launch of Knights of the Eternal Throne. Below you will find some of the most important ones related to Galactic Command and other systems in the game. I will be adding more as I learn about them. As you are aware, I am an active subscriber and cannot test this myself, unfortunately.

    • Galactic Command is completely locked out. All you see is a notice to sub when opening it. This includes crates you have gained and stuff opened but not claimed. It is all locked away until you sub again.
    • You can still go into uprisings. This was tested by picking up the quest from a terminal and porting in without issue.
    • Veteran Flashpoints still drop CXP tokens, but they are locked out from use. It does not drop any kind of gear as a substitute.
    • Also massive amounts of green and blue items are coming up as needing Artifact Equipment Authorization from level 66-70 – most likely a bug. Crafted gear seems OK, but any drops aren’t usable unless you have the unlock.

    Thanks to Reddit user flux1 for this interesting and important update.


    It appears that Bioware will  force all people to subscribe to their game now instead of letting them purchase unlocks for for the content they want.  It looks like now Bioware has to stand up and take notice about their subscriptions where as before they were mostly concerned with how much money was being made off of the Cartel Market.

  • ZaiRiftZaiRift Member UncommonPosts: 4
    edited December 2016
    Thanks @Bakgrind  for the quick reply. So if i dropped my subscription i'll just be locked out of receiving CXP i guess? Hence all artifact gears that i obtain should still be wearable by my 7th recently unlocked slot character . Is that correct? I mean if i obtained artifact gears through other means and not through the Galactic Command caches. (Quests, GTN, etc)
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