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Question about Planet Side 2 & Battleye?

RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,135
I installed Planet Side 2 about 5 days ago after updating my system and had Battleye installed on my system without my permission by Sony, and without notice or being informed, at least 5 days ago when I installed it the game only showed me a Planet Side 2 User Agreement, which doesn't cover battleye...

http://imgur.com/a/jrR1P  I sent in a support ticket and the copy and paste this section to me of the agreement which gives (Day Break Games) Consent to monitor and collect information (No where does it talk about "Batttleye being installed at all?

Also this only grants DBG Permission to monitor my information and collect data right, This does not grant permission to third parties such as the developers and makers of Battleye which also say they collect and store information (Which I never was required to agree to?

Is this Legal, is Day Break Games harmless from Intentionally Installing this stuff on peoples systems without asking Violating users privacy and possibly doing damage, it becomes to the point where who would legally be held accountable?

https://www.battleye.com/privacy-policy/  You can see "Battleyes" Privacy Policy here?

Like most other anti-cheat solutions, BattlEye has the theoretical capability to transmit flagged executable code to our servers for further review. This is needed to be able to discover and identify new hacks being used. However, for normal users that do not run suspicious software this should never happen and other than that we do not transmit any of your memory contents to our servers.

Furthermore, any data relating to you / your game account is always stored on secure servers. We usually only store data if there is some sort of detection and that includes your IP address, account/in-game name and possibly hardware serial information for identification. This is also mentioned in our EULA that usually comes with the games we support.

I would love to know how "Battleye" is legally covered to be installed on a users system when (Planet Side 2) Installed this on mine with no notice, and their (TOS / EULA) do not reflect this at all, I managed to get hold of RadarX on Reddit they said they would look into fixing this, but the Support ticket I filed with DBG they have no idea what I am talking about and are pretending that the PS2 Agreement covers Battleye?

So who is right here really Shouldn't DBG at least be informing users before installing this stuff on peoples systems (At Least Battleye) says under their privacy policy that it should be Reflected in Day Break Games (EULA) but it isn't. It gives consent and permissions only to DBG not their third parties.


  • volttvoltt Member UncommonPosts: 425
    i think it comes down to if you really dont like dont play the game?? dont know what to tell ya
  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,135
    voltt said:
    i think it comes down to if you really dont like dont play the game?? dont know what to tell ya
    Thanks wasn't really about the game was about what happened like 5 days ago when I tried to install it, but I just got word back they fixed it or something because I removed and installed the game again its showing the agreement now <3.

    When I tried to remove and installing this game twice it didn't show this, today it is they must have done something O.o
  • CopenhagenCopenhagen Member UncommonPosts: 57
    I played Planetside 2, great game by the way (Although Planetside 1 was better in my opinion).  

    I don't remember that being an issue with me, because Sony still had it when I played.   Will the game not launch without that being installed?  I would say try to uninstall it, and see what happens, because if you did not agree to it, and it's not mentioned...maybe you can uninstall it, and still play.

    Like I said though, as long as it's not malicious, (you could look it up on google to find out more about it).  The game was fun when I played it.   That may be their anti-cheat thing, or something.
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