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As a heads up for those joining EQ2, Maj'Dul is most populated server

TheScavengerTheScavenger Member EpicPosts: 3,321
I posted this in my other thread for EQ2. But figured it be better in its own thread.

Maj'Dul is the most populated server, with Halls of Fate coming in second. 

Antonia Bayle is no longer a popular server, more of a medium at best. They had server transfers (free) off of Antonia Bayle (because of how crowded it was, and it is supposed to be an RP server and no one RPed)....and most people moved to Maj'Dul and Halls of Fate. When I subbed last time, both servers were about even in population. But Maj'Dul has come out ahead.

Do NOT join Antonia Bayle unless you want a medium pop server focused on RP. Maj'Dul is #1 in population, Halls of Fate #2

Also, can't speak of the community on halls of fate. But despite Maj'Dul being most populated, community is rather good and its pretty easy to find friendly guilds.

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