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"Battered & Bruised" Nostalrius Server to Launch Dec 17 - World of Warcraft News



  • sayuusayuu Member RarePosts: 747
    edited December 2016
    Iselin said:
    sayuu said:
    Iselin said:
    sayuu said:

    key points to note:
     WoW version 1.12 is no longer available from blizzard at all in Legion.

    I give up. . .

    . . .I should have realized that I can't inform the willfully ignorant. 
    I wouldn't call that bit right there informing. I'd call it spinning using a very thin argument that carves out an old WOW patch and tries to portray it as an abandoned game.
    First WoW 1.12 is not just "and old WoW patch" it is a version of the game that existed before paid expansions to the game and is no longer available to people that bought vanilla. the same can be said for every expansion through BC-WoD. 

    which is why I believe that Nost and Blizz need to hash it out in court. As there is no legal precedent either way on exactly what equates an "Abandoned game." does the term only have meaning when the game in question shuts down entirely? Or can an argument be made that customers have a right to have access to versions of games they can no longer play?  

    Indeed, like I said in my original post in this thread the argument is not as cut and dried as some people claim, due to the changes made to the DMCA in 2015.

    I never made nor "spun" an argument for Nost, merely tried to inform people of the facts that they were argueing under false pretences due to ignorance.

    It's a worthless, far-fetched argument because to this day you can play WOW on the official servers without ever having bought any expansions.

    The fact that subsequent patches changed that base game is irrelevant since that was always potentially the case.
    you cannot play version 1.12.

    the zones in 1.12 were removed for new zones in cataclysm

    the  Naxx  level 60 40 man version raid was removed for the level 80 25 man raid in WotLK

    the 10 world bosses that had been released at that time and subsequently removed in later expansions.

    if I could still log in and play with these three things then your argument might have merit in my opinion, but I can't so it doesn't. . .
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