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What is your favorite type of MMORPG PVP?

IselinIselin Member LegendaryPosts: 15,681
edited December 2016 in Polls
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  • MrMelGibsonMrMelGibson Member EpicPosts: 3,029
    I really enjoyed the open world PVP in Tera .    The guild vs. guild battles only intensified the action and excitement.  It was the last mmo I pvped in.  I stopped playing when it turned F2P.  If an mmo has open world PVP.  I will only play it if it's optional like Tera and/or Blade & Soul.
  • DashPadraoDashPadrao Member UncommonPosts: 8
    I think there always be servers like 2-2 pve and PvP same server and also PvP where u can do it everywhere so we can limit the crys :D
  • waynejr2waynejr2 Member EpicPosts: 7,768
    Favorite...  I loved wow's AV before the changes that were made pre-TBC.  AB was fun too.  EOTS was fun as well.  Those are my favorites.  

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  • ApexTKMApexTKM Member UncommonPosts: 334
    I liked it when it was just classified as PvP and not arena pvp, OWPvP etc. So I almost went with "other" but if I had to choose most likely PvP out in the open with a flag system is my preference.
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  • xxtriadxxxxtriadxx Member UncommonPosts: 155
    Dark Age of Camelot.

  • TamanousTamanous Member RarePosts: 2,997
    True RvR (hopefully we see it's evolution in CU).

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  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,605
    - Guild vs Guild
    - Consented Open World PvP

  • NycteliosNyctelios Member EpicPosts: 4,050
    Gw2 World versus World and Gw2 PvP arena (and the custom arenas from events such Snowball Mayhem, I love those).
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  • H0urg1assH0urg1ass Member EpicPosts: 2,380
    Open World PVP With No Flagging in the majority of the world with safe areas.
  • coretex666coretex666 Member EpicPosts: 4,001
    This one, but with the right set of rules to regulate it.

    Lineage 2 has, so far, come closest to my ideal PvP setting. 
  • someforumguysomeforumguy Member RarePosts: 4,077
    I loved PVP in SWG. Which had open world PVP using a flag system. Especially bounty hunting was fun. But I also loved Guild vs Guild in Guild Wars 1, which is more of a ladder based arena type of PVP.
    Generally, for a MMORPG I do prefer the idea of an immersive world with pvp that makes sense for the setting that the game takes place in and without it being too disruptive for other activities. So for that, flag based open world PVP works best imo. You could even combine it with certain conflict zones that automatically flag you for PVP.

  • CopperfieldCopperfield Member RarePosts: 654
    darkfall hands down best pvp combat 

  • JakobmillerJakobmiller Member UncommonPosts: 341
    Loved Darkfall. I wish for a game like it in the future.
  • HalibrandHalibrand Member UncommonPosts: 136
    Why aren't battlegrounds an option in this poll?  I'm not sure if you think that falls under the category of arena or not, but the two are separate.  In my experience, arena refers to small scale matches (like 2v2 or 5v5) in a small space with no objectives or respawn, just a goal to survive.  Battlegrounds are larger (8v8 20v20) with map-based objectives to achieve, and respawn for killed players.

    I'd have voted for Battlegrounds.
  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441
    I like how Lineage handle PvP on it's PvP servers. Besides sieging you have pledgewars which means guilds can decide to have war between them and PvP in transition areas (like the docks and other areas griefers could stand and bodyblock people from getting in or out). Or that was how it handled it back when I played at least.

    People not interested in PvP can avoid it except in a few small areas, enough to get the blood pumping but not too much.

    Also, the mechanics that made you drop an item every third or so time getting killed made things interesting, passing mobs picked up stuff lying around and added it to it's loot table if no player picked it up.

    And it was really fun to have enemy guilds, made things close and personal. Of course you also could pledge your guild to another one which made alliances fighting eachothers as well.

    Flagging is way more annoying, people go on and off all the time. In a pledgewar you are always on edge but it is still completely voluntary. There is a reason Lineage still is the second largest sub game and one of the top earners even if it is on it's 18th year and it certainly ain't for the PvE.
  • rawfoxrawfox Member UncommonPosts: 788
    I like the ArcheAge PvP model.
    What i dislike in all forms of PvP is the % chance modifier.

    Skill becomes luck on those, so the ideal PvP in MMORPGs is either based on equal stats that everyone can reach with certain effort, or its another gamble like ArcheAge ruined their whole game with it.

    Ban all RNGesus from futher games with PvP and the PvP model will always be right.
    Its skill then.

  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441
    rawfox said:
    I like the ArcheAge PvP model.
    What i dislike in all forms of PvP is the % chance modifier.

    Skill becomes luck on those, so the ideal PvP in MMORPGs is either based on equal stats that everyone can reach with certain effort, or its another gamble like ArcheAge ruined their whole game with it.

    Ban all RNGesus from futher games with PvP and the PvP model will always be right.
    Its skill then.

    That part I think old Guildwars aced. It was really easy and fast to get a competitive PvP character (heck, if you only PvPed you could make a max level char from start with acceptable gear). It only have isntanced PvP though (and PvE as well for that matter).

    You are right of course that meeting opponents very close to you in power is the only way to have a fun and interesting PvP fight and the huge powergap both in level and gear means most fights are pointless, either you win or lose no matter what you do.

    The hard thing is to have a good progression while still having all or most fights interesting. I would say that if a lousy playing person in good gear and max level/power just barely get beaten by a very well playing person on a newly made character you have the perfect progression for a PvP game.

    The real problem is that most MMOs both have PvE and PvP but use the PvE mechanics for both, PvEers generally like outpowering mobs as they progress but that makes PvP really boring.
  • dreamer05dreamer05 Member UncommonPosts: 679
    Giant siege battlegrounds as found in DAoC. Never had more fun in PvP in my life!


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  • VelifaxVelifax Member UncommonPosts: 413
    I very rarely pvp but when i do it needs to be full open world, no holds barred. If I'm not sweatin', it's not pvp.

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