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[18+][NA][West][FreshStart] Beck’s Privateers - New Players Check Here!

Beck19Beck19 Member UncommonPosts: 3

“Protecting the West | Fighting the East”

Join us on discord today!

Basic Information:
With such a strong presence of veteran players and guilds on the eastern continent we aim to counter an old establishment with a new like minded guild. We are a structured community and with that comes an expectation that all members understand a chain of command and the group’s method of decision making. In addition to the structure of The Privateers and in order to be a reputable guild in ArcheAge, all members are encouraged not only to help their Nation, but to seek out respectable level-headed players interested in joining our ranks. We are searching for dedicated players. New players are highly encouraged to join us and learn with us, and all members should nourish anyone from The Nuian Nation who shows interest and potential within our cause. But, expect to be called upon to pull your weight, and be prepared to reach a higher standard regardless of your experience or background.

***Representing a group of ~10 or more people? Check below***

Basic Requirements
18 years or older
Have a working microphone
Use Discord when online
*Activity Requirements Below

To the best of your ability maintain fair play (especially during early access titles)
Respect all members of The Privateers and all members of the ArcheAge community
Represent The Privateers as a respectful and reputable source of information for new players
Maintain a cool head

Standard Roles
Community Member: Can't be a part of The Privateers, but still abides by our rules and can work with The Privateers outside of select channels
Nuian: A resident of Nuia, and identified as an ally of The Privateers
Press Ganged: A prospective player held to the same standard (if not higher) of a full member.
Swabbie: A full member with little to no responsibility in terms of leadership in the group.
Sailor: A full member who has shown dedication to the cause of The Privateers and it's members.
[Merit]TBD: A veteran in The Privateers. His knowledge surpasses those of a Sailor.
Leadership Roles
[Merit]Bos'n: An experienced member of the Archeage community as a whole. These members have shown their leadership ability and have the authority to lead a team in raids or represent a group within The Privateers
[Merit]Quarter Master: A veteran member of the ArcheAge community as a whole. These members have shown their leadership ability and have the authority to lead a team in raids. The Quartermaster is voted in by full members of the Militia to represent them as the second in command role.

Activity Requirements
Active daily first week
Active five days a week after first week
Logged into Discord when online
Swabbie and Above
Active five days a week
Logged into Discord when online
Bos’n and Above
Active five days a week
Logged into Discord at all times (Mobile capabilities)
Reserve Force (Forfeit Rank)
No Activity Requirements

Join us on discord today!

***For ~10 or more players joining together***
Leadership positions are available for you! All our rules apply to -every- member of Beck's Privateers, and the position of Bos'n will be given to a single representative. This rank is maintained based on merit, and requires a higher level of leadership and accountability than most.


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