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XingCode3 Also being used and installed without permission on CellPhones.

RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,124
Just so everyone is aware I played a couple of APP's from (Nexon) on my installed a few mobile games tried them heres a list.

. Heroes OF Incredible Tales
. Mabinogi Duel
. Avabel
. Kritika

I found that "Nexon" as well as a few smaller game companies (illegally downloaded XingCode3) onto my phone without asking me permissions, and the only thing I am lead to believe I am installing on my phone is the App I am downloading off Google Play, and the permissions I am granting for whatever specific APP I am installing, however this is not the case companies like Nexon are installing XingCode3 without permissions, I reported it to Google, and Flagged it, even had a hour long talk on the phone with Google Play services about the games, but it appears (Greed has taken over and Google is allowing these apps to be listed still on their services despite the games installing 3rd party Anti Cheat, or Apps / Data which is not from the same company as the publisher on the Google Play Store.

Shortly after playing and using such games I found that (XingCode3) totally modified Pictures and Dates taken on my phone without my consent because data was no longer in order like it should have been, and a little later the entire Micro SD Card just totally stops working.

Appears Nexon Can't be trusted on Mobile Apps either, and I am calling Google again about it to see if I can get the App removed from their store, or them to be forced to remove the Anti Cheat from the game because Legally this should not be allowed (First on PC Games) now on (Cellphones) where people keep more sensitive data and without permission?

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