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It's still up 13 years in!

DreadToothDreadTooth Member UncommonPosts: 150

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say that Puzzle Pirates is still up after 13 years, despite the game page here not having recent updates for quite a few years.

There are a surprisingly small amount of trolls in the game, in fact I have only run into one in the past two weeks. Also, and this is probably why the troll problem is at a minimum, the player base really seems to be an actual community.

There have been plenty of regular content updates and monthly events, and people are always looking to help new players with questions and free basics like clothes or puzzle helper-items, which can be expensive for new players. So, if you are looking for a fun pirate game where everyone will like you (unless you are just a huge jerk or are so annoying (I am sometimes...) that people just need to take breaks from you) and that has established itself over a large number of years, then this game is definitely for you!

It is free to play. If you play on a doubloon ocean (Emerald or Meridian) you can access the rest of the game content by spending in-game currently on doubloons (special currency) that you then use to buy badges which last a month. Doubloons are not expensive, so if you really want to play for free (I do) then it is quite easy to do so without investing a large amount of time (I haven't). If you play on a subscription ocean (Cerulean) you can play for free but the rest of the game content can be accessed only with a subscription (average MMO price, $9.95 a month).

You can find me on the Emerald ocean. Me name be Dreadtooth, don't mind me unkempt hair and beard or me torn clothing, and ye might find me at sea on the Cowardly Clownfish, attempting to pillage and then fleeing from pirates, brigands and the like.

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