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Lineage 2 Classic is still alive!

albersalbers Member UncommonPosts: 218
edited November 2016 in Lineage 2
Hey guys, as far as i can tell this board is pretty much dead. So i thought to myself that im going to give a reminder to all of people here that L2 Classic Europe is still alive! 
We all heard about bots, adena sellers and so on, but you cant avoid them. I started playing classic from the start, last year December. I saw pitfall of innova servers, mismanagement, lack of communication, bots, adena sellers... I also have seen a lot of bans! You may ask why i am still keep playing? I love the game! i love the people i play with!
Server is better!
Since main RMT group left the server, not sure how they did not catch them... But its another story... To which i dont want to get into. I barely see any adena sellers, and if i do show up... they are removed pretty quickly. Also did not see any bots for a while, maybe because im getting close to 60lvl... Even on alts i dont see any of bots, Lets not forget that account sharing is allowed and with new patch they introduced looping macros, of course with a lot of restrictions. But you can auto assist or loop trading shouts...
Anyway, im curently in "Yatagarasu" clan! As casual as my own clan "Evasion", which i decided to merge with them, since a lot of people left, i suppose they expected something else...  But now, server is getting healthier every day! Its still not perfect, but what is?

Some of my experiences in the server! 
First "noob" Gludio siege!

And a small friction between few clans. :)

And no, im not getting paid for this... Just passionate and honest L2 player! If you want to know more about the server, let me know!


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