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Archeage Fresh Start (Reckoning) Community Discord

greygreysgreygreys Member UncommonPosts: 1

Join the Archeage NA Reckoning Community Server, a common meeting place for those interested in playing on the new fresh start server releasing December 10th. Come over to meet new people, find old friends, look for or advertise a guild, create alliances, or to learn more about what 3.0 has in store. We are the first Discord server for Reckoning, and our staff have run community Discord servers for several MMOs. Here is the link to join:

If you are a GM of a guild that will be coming to Reckoning, please send the admin a PM via Discord so your privileges can be set.

Discord is Voice and text application, similar to Teamspeak, with many additional features. It is simple to download, or you can use a web based version. The join link will walk you through the process.
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