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Your Favorite Pre-WoW MMO?



  • BakgrindBakgrind Member UncommonPosts: 421
    SWG and EQ  2 were my pre-wow MMO choice. Got burnt out on SWG with the lack  having anything to do plus their class system was some what broken. So I left the game pre-nge and went to EQII. Left EQ 2 when they merged servers, but was ready to move on from it because the development team was always doing class balancing  monthly which made you sweat bullets hoping that your preferred class of choice didn't get hit to hard with the nerf hammer.
  • Zerat82Zerat82 Member UncommonPosts: 90
  • AkulasAkulas Member RarePosts: 2,771
    DAoC obviously.

    This isn't a signature, you just think it is.

  • EthicZHEthicZH Newbie CommonPosts: 11
    Ragnarok Online
    Easily, by miles!
    The Class System was ingenious and you had so much variety.
    Maybe it's just the nostalgia and because I was way younger back then, but it felt like a world with communities that were alive. Also because it didn't have quests until later on and a nice PvP Syste that evoked rivalries between player groups.
  • SanguinelustSanguinelust Member UncommonPosts: 812
  • PutrefeePutrefee Member UncommonPosts: 46

    It blended so many things I enjoyed into one world.

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