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Archeage- Land of Possibilities

Andel_SkaarAndel_Skaar Member UncommonPosts: 401
Let me tell you a story, A REAL STORY:
(How real can it get in a game anyway?)
For me as a F2P player, it was.

This could be a story of how i stormed an old economy, more than a year old server with ThunderStruck trees with PK guild helping me, or the one where i unloaded merchant ships into freedich coast or private castles, or ... no...
let me tell you a story of real estate empire in Archeage ,this time:

Once upon a time i was sitting on a nearby hill minding my own business
( Which at a time was capturing land plots and selling them to the highest bidder, or if someone nicely asked and i suspected they were new, selling it dirt cheap.)

so continuing, i typed /sit on a nearby hill, aimed a soon to be open land plot almost half a mile away, and waited for the timer
Some guys, well.. , in fact many of them, were eager to capture that same plot so much ,they brought their entire guild to pk everyone in radius, it was quite amusing to watch them fight.(poor newbies tho)

DING. Building is on fire, building is on fire, full metal panic, they think it is a clear coast, no one around ,well, no one alive at least, and they already celebrate dance and stuff.

Ka-boom ,it is placed by me ,clicking like mad on my left mouse button with my left hand
(before everyone re-specced it to mouse scroll) Land plot captured and profit Archieved.

soon as everyone read my name on the design title, the game was on, oh yeah

"HACKER REPORT *?*** *??*?*** WTF BANNED" etc etc ,the juicy stuff

cant explain them you can ,that there was no limitation to capture distance at a time, for a simple mind ,is best left undisturbed :)

Trino fixed the distance after a while, and i was in a pickle for a full period of 10 seconds.
Than i respecced to a class that would allow me aoe stun, and stealth. And remained the best in my field of work for months to come.
Sometimes stealth wouldnt help tho, so fieldwork had to be done before the very job, so i contacted friends i knew to let me in their homes and i paid them if necessary ,so there i was again, enjoying the game ,when i hear alarm, oh something is on fire ,let me just open this window here to see whats all the fuss about

oh look all those people, they want the same plot, i dont really need it ,but damn do i feel great when i cap,
addiction is nasty, thats why always carry a backup design in your inventory

and BOOM , my design ended on the plot, wee-hee the cycle is complete, i close the window, and continue to chill with
my favorite "HACKER REPORT *?*** *??*?*** WTF BANNED" melody on local chat

One day though, a grim day i thought it to be, the end of me, i met my match, chill, uptight guy, strolled in, and swept up several buildings right in front of me.
I had my serious look on.

It was a battle lost but not the war.Thinking i would simply have to avoid him and split the territory it occured to me.
Why not talk to the guy and see what he thinks.
Interested, and as busy as he was, a guy with no ping(which is prequisite for land capture) he had his hands full and normally couldnt be omniscent ,attending several demolition spots at the same time, so we made a deal.

A 50/50 one at first, but after a time, we simply got too rich to care.

How we got rich? Naah, not from singular land plots, thats for sure.

It was the very whales that we were competing in pvp that voluntarily gave us their gold.It was..., alot of gold.

Why give gold to someone else? Well, simply have what they want to buy.

There were these occurences where entire guilds ,groups of friends, or simply whales quit the game, and normally it would be land for grabs, if it wasnt for us.

Very carefully dirigated, you could have placed multiple characters aiming different plots, with two people capturing up to dozen different plots in seconds.(even after the nerf of two unconstructed buildings at a time)

And we tested it, you can only imagine , how many people ,attend these kinds of "Events", they number in dozens, if not few hundred when you count all the stealthed ones.

Our mains standing on top of rooftops in Two crown main areas ,like ninjas , was the first large scale endeavor we entered, they were already sending us messages they want to buy that land, even prior we had it, such confidence, much preassure, with several building demo timers, only seconds away, the moment where you can feel your heart so loud ,that it seems you hear hulk closing on you, but than you realise,

you know this, this is what you do, and momentarily not caring, you focus and do your freeking role

"DONE" i hear via skype , how are you doing ? "SAME HERE! WE DID IT! "  - and that was the beggining of one of nicest friendships i had in gaming.

It was art to watch ,omniscent control of land aspect of our server.Being on several places at the same time, mapping entire regions ,scouting, doing homework, scheeming, and going into realisation with a tight schedule.

It was quite possible, for many players to go down this road, but some found it tedious, many didnt care, and most ,didnt know how.

To think, it was a girl that pushed me into this sort of stuff, one obsessed with owning land, swept my first would be farm right in front of me.
And made me wonder about my reality of how she did it.


Thank you Lot**a
and thank you all for reading this wall of text ,i hope you found it interesting and informative

This is one of my stories ,adventures i had in Archeage ,and i am sure, there are many more people that have theirs.


*Rai / Saul*  - some of my aliases

And you can only imagine how catchy "Better Call Saul" can really be.

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