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Looking for Players for Beta and Beyond.

DaphonicDaphonic Member UncommonPosts: 42
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We're looking for Mature Players who are Semi Hardcore or Hardcore in the games they play. We are Offering a great set of new friends to play Dark and Light with for years to come. We recruit players based on their Maturity and willingness to help one another over Skill and Elitism. We a gearing up for Beta that's coming by the end of the year. If you want a group of friends to play with and want to get to know people before hand hit the Discord Button above.

About Lethality Gaming

Lethality Gaming is a mature gaming community with many long term and diverse members. We were formed on May 15th, 2003 on the Planetside launch. We’ve had a few name changes before settling on Lethality, but the membership has been strong and growing! We are comprised of members from all over the world.

Lethality is set up to be a Friendly Community to where everyone knows one another, and can maintain friends from game to game as we expand. As the Community grows larger and large we want to create a helpful atmosphere that doesn’t look down on people who ask questions. Our Goal is to maintain the same Members for years to come, and wish to see those members follow the community though MMO’s and Server based games for years to come.

If our Community seems like a great place for you, please visit our Website and forums as they are contain a wealth of information and are free to browse. Our Discord is also free to visit and see what games we are currently playing. Staff are always around and willing to answer any questions in TeamSpeak or on the Website’s forums or chat. We hope you will come take a look, and please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself in the Member Introduction Forum. Let us know a bit about yourself, and what games you are interested in or currently playing.


Our Community Philosophy

Mutual Respect

We strongly believe in respect for all members or the Lethality guild, no matter skill level. Members who demonstrate conduct, attitudes, or behaviors that harm these tenets of community, who show Elitism, or who disrespect our name, motto, community, our goals, or our family are not tolerated.

Drama-Free Zone

Discussions of Drugs, Religion or Politics are prohibited in “public” channels. We encourage our community to express themselves and their beliefs, but ask that they also consider how some topics can generate violent differences of points of view. For this reason, we ask members to refrain from discussing these topics.


Every Member should be respectful of all individual's Age, Nationality, Culture, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identification, and Political beliefs.


Crass and or derogatory remarks are never allowed in Guild Chat, Forum posts or with in TeamSpeak. We’ve grown a rich community of lifelong friends. To keep it healthy, we prune the weeds.


Anyone who likes to Troll others, on any Community Social Site, within any Community game, Community forums, or Community TeamSpeak are removed from the Community and its games. It’s not who we are, nor who we want to be.

Debbie Downers

Any members who sours the spirit of our community through consistent negative or disruptive behavior are removed from the Community and its games. We’re here to support one another and have a great time. There’s no room for Debbie Downers.

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us in Dark and Light, Discord, or on our Forums.

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