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Thinking of trying again ...

PhoebesPhoebes Member UncommonPosts: 188
edited November 2016 in Everquest II
So I haven't played EQ2 in a while and I was thinking about going back to it. But I wanted to know what the game is like at high level as a player that doesn't really like to do dungeons much. Is there anything to do in that case?

How are the battlegrounds? Will I get completely smashed by those that run dungeons and raids? Can you buy pvp gear by winning battlegrouhds? If so how bad is the grind? .. and how long are the queues?

Is there trivial loot code? I though there used to be?

Is there any type of transmogging? Or is it just cash shop related?

I would most likely pay for all access, but I tend to not use cash shops.

About the cash shop... Do people buy gear advantages in the cash shop?

Also .. what is the most active server?


  • wolfpack2012wolfpack2012 Member UncommonPosts: 42
    Well I haven't played in a while... but the most active servers would probably still be the TLE server and Antonia Bayle. Me and my girlfriend are planning to start playing soon. She has never played and EQ was always my favorite franchise.
  • PhoebesPhoebes Member UncommonPosts: 188
    I guess I would stick with Antonia Bayle then. I think that may be the one I have a couple characters on. It's been a while.

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