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Game List | Sort & Filter Options

DamonDamon Member UncommonPosts: 170
I would like to see the Game List enhanced to allow more dynamic sorting and filtering of the records on the main screen (ie not Custom List).
The introduction of checkboxes, to filter distinctive features found in games on the list.
This would allow visitors and members of the site to quickly narrow the list of games to specific features they are interested in.

For example:

Building: Indicates the game features a construction system of some kind, where players can build structures like homes, shops, keeps, etc.

A player could sort the Game List by release date, but also check the checkbox for Building.
This would display only games with Building as a feature.

This would create additional work, of course, as someone would need to review the titles to determine which games apply to the filters.
But once the backlog is complete, it should be easier to include the review step into the current process of adding a game to the list.

Additional suggestions or revisions of the above idea are welcome.


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