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Hey guys!
I'm doing my Final Degree Project and I need a little help with my research. What features would your perfect game have? (open world, rigid storyline, well written story, pvp, good soundtrack, etc.) Have you ever played a game you though it was perfect? What has been your favourite game so far?


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    Global MU Origin for me. Simply because I can play it anywhere. And also I love the ranking system because players are being recognized for their hard work and contributions in game. For game play it's not that bad, although there are still bugs in-game but it's good enough to kill my boredom.
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    We've had threads that are variations on this topic several times over the years, so you can get a lot of material by exploring the forum archive.  I personally ran a survey about people's MMO preferences - my goal was to see what distinct audience segments the MMO-playing population would naturally fall into, but the same data could be applied to your question.

    For me personally, my perfect game would be a PvE sandpark - it would have precreated NPC towns which presented story and quests and faction philosophies, but after the newbie tutorials NPC-related content would pretty much all be optional.  NPC towns would be surrounded by suburbs where players could construct housing; I was thinking that player housing would not have permanent locations but could be placed like a tent by a player who wanted to work on or in their home, and player housing would automatically pack itself up if the player logged out (or was auto-logged-out due to idleness).  Then, all the wilderness between these towns and suburbs would be for monster fighting/capturing and crafting material gathering.  Crafting (including pet breeding and crop growing) would be carried out largely through minigame play and would would be a major part of the game.  The game would have dungeons, but all dungeons would auto-scale to the party size, which could be as small as one, and no larger than 6.  The game would also use a global auctionhouse as the method for players to exchange goods.
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