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SoundBlasterX Giveaway #2! - News

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imageSoundBlasterX Giveaway #2! - News has partnered with Creative for a series of SoundBlasterX giveaways. We'll be giving away a SoundBlasterX H3 headset and two SoundBlasterX AlphaPads each week over the next month.

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  • WalperWalper Member UncommonPosts: 11
    Revelation online , cause it has all the features from other mmos that i like.
  • AlomarAlomar Member RarePosts: 1,141
    After having played 34 mmo's in a 17 year span, the idea of choosing a "favorite" is no simple feat. Yet, if I had to choose one I would pick my first mmo, Runescape. I started playing Runescape Classic when I was 9, an age when most other children were playing much less complex games. I found myself immersed in an alternate world for the first time, and it served as a safe haven for me to escape what was a rough childhood.

    What followed was my first encounters of making friends, doing quests, joining clans, grinding levels, earning money, and simply living a second life in all it's glorious aspects. Don't get me wrong there was plenty of downs as well, including being scammed more than a few times, loosing expensive gear in heart throttling semi-loot pvp, and taking risks that didn't always pan out.

    I returned over the years to play Runescape 2 and Runescape 3, even when there was no other reason besides that it was my first home away from home. Thanks to Runescape, I've now lived dozens of lives, encountered thousands of friends/guildies, and accomplished such heights in game that have given me the confidence to accomplish things out of game.
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  • ScorchienScorchien Member LegendaryPosts: 6,348
    Still UO and after 19 years some of the sounds still get the adrenline pumping , The laugh of Lich Lord , Muahahhahaha, The Ettin menacing Ruuuuunn ,, even t a chicken clucking , "Where i need feathers :) " The eerie sound of an Energy Vortex , after all these years its amazing how the sounds in UO have held up and still influence the game .. They would sound great thru that headset :)
  • Yoottos'HorgYoottos'Horg Member UncommonPosts: 297
    AnarchyOnline simply because it was my first. Not the greatest game or most polished but it introduced me to this wonderful genre. Nothing like your first love...
  • MojoxMojox Member UncommonPosts: 4
    UO open world pvp.
  • vanstervanster Member UncommonPosts: 13
    Currently trying revelation online for its next gen MMO experience
  • tonyvuknometonyvuknome Member UncommonPosts: 26
    Lineage 2 before GOD patch.

    The community was so involved with each other. You felt involved in a much larger thing than a game. Mostly the drama like which guild won the massive pvp for a world boss and which guild took which castle and the drama over losing such castle to another guild. The best group of player got wiped by a newbie party and they uploaded it to youtube etc. The drama and politics involved were amazing.

    It wasnt an antisocial mmo to grind you needed 9 people to be fully efficient so you easily can meet new people or grow closer to people you already know.

    Even though in pvp was gear dependent it also required alot of skill. I've beat some of the top players with some good timing on skills.

    It had soooo many classes it made the game more interesting because it wasn't just the typical mmo with 4-8 clases. This game had I think 31 classes at one point.
  • AoriAori Member EpicPosts: 4,097
    edited November 2016
    Favorite MMO currently would be Black Desert Online. There are just many ways to enjoy the game and world. I personally really enjoy managing my empire of workers and setting up nodes for most profit for my life skills. This is the first MMO I haven't been a combat focused player.

    Favorite MMO of all time is probably still Lineage 2. The player economy and politics were just special in this game. PvP was very satisfying, this is the only game where I had to take breaks because of shaking from the adrenaline of PvP/PK. I've never had such a rush than in this game. It is also the MMO where I have the grandest stories to tell.
  • Rhiow-DarkstepRhiow-Darkstep Member UncommonPosts: 18
    Like a first love, my first MMO is probably the one that will always have a place in my heart. Ultima Online was where my love for online gaming started, back in what were simpler times, UO was an adventure that was limited only by my imagination.
  • StraibanStraiban Member UncommonPosts: 12
    EVE online still has a special place in my heart. Other MMOs come and go but EVE stays in the back of my head even thought I don't actually play it at the moment. Let's just hope that Star Citizen can deliver on most of the things it promised. That way I'll definitely come back to the space MMO genre.
  • GrendGrend Member UncommonPosts: 62
    Skyforge if you can believe it. Just love having only one character that can change roles as I need for the situation.
  • zigalucardzigalucard Member UncommonPosts: 126
    FFXIV, so much stuff to explore and do at end game.
  • JasonosJasonos Member UncommonPosts: 33
    SWG Pre CU - I will never forget that title.... Reason...? freedom.
  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,026
    Lineage 2 - incredible freedom, character build-up, raiding, guild system!


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  • Flamingplatupus90Flamingplatupus90 Member UncommonPosts: 1
    My favorite MMO is probably Wizard 101, although its very hard to choose. The reason being is that I played a plethora of hours of the game when it came out and I have nothing but good memories of me playing with my freinds whenever the game is mentioned.
  • demeyordemeyor Member UncommonPosts: 7
    Guild wars 2 because it has everyhing i need and ITS NOT PAID TO WIN
  • Po_ggPo_gg Member RarePosts: 4,516
    edited November 2016
    Wait, the same question for all four weeks? Sure, there are a couple hype-train dwellers, with frequent new threads about "help find the new mmo home" every month, but I guess most peeps won't change their favourite game overnight / week :lol:

    Anyways, my favourites are the same since years, and as posted last week, currently the most played is TSW, because it's the Samhain event, and the community-wide investigation in it was awesome. Not the "puzzle raid" many expected, but still was quite a journey to unfold everything.
  • dezmodiousdezmodious Member UncommonPosts: 7
    My favorite of all time and the first that I spent many a sleepless night playing was Shadowbane. It's PVP was rough, the city building was unlike any other to date.
  • AnweirAnweir Member UncommonPosts: 4
    My favorite MMO is SW:TOR. I love the way the storylines merge into multiplayer.
  • AthenisAthenis Member UncommonPosts: 4
    Anarchy Online. It may not be aging as gracefully as some, but it is still a very unique experience and something that I always go back to, even if for only short bursts at a time.
  • nycplayboy78nycplayboy78 Member UncommonPosts: 197
    Age of Conan for the story, graphics, and gameplay.
  • QhueQhue Member UncommonPosts: 9
    Anarchy Online - I love the science-fiction type of MMO. All the dwarves and elves type MMOs can get tiring after awhile.
  • joeslowmoejoeslowmoe Member UncommonPosts: 126
    Still FFXI after all these years. Nothing engaged my love of tedium like that game did, and it was fun doing it with others!

    Awesome (punishing) crafting that actually made use of those rare materials you acquired and rewarded you for making proper use of them.

    Diverse jobs with a great subjob mechanic that allowed you to tweak your character based on what sort of content you were doing.

    No vertical gear treadmill. Awesome horizontal progression system that you could play through time and again and still wind up getting something new & useful out of it.

    Incredible stories throughout the expansions. This one was a keeper.
  • jnugget173jnugget173 Member UncommonPosts: 4
    Lineage 2 mainly for the lore and the world is just stunning <3
  • OyjordOyjord Member UncommonPosts: 541
    DAoC! All the great race-class combos and RvR has never been reproduced!
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