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Solo Podcast about SWG - A blend of In-Character and Personal Storytelling

sludgebeardsludgebeard Member UncommonPosts: 788
Hello everyone,

I recently streamed my first Solo Podcast about SWG.

SWG was my first MMO and my first online gaming experience - I tried to recapture that here by telling "In Character" and "OOC" story's of my time spent playing SWG and the fun I had.

I go through everything from launch day, to major updates, to the faction warfare, all the way up until the CU timeline and stop there because I quit shortly before the CU.

Here is a Link to the Youtube Video:

I hope you all enjoy it, this video is not monetized (none of mine are), there is nothing in this for me other than to tell a story for you guys and hopefully you enjoy it. 
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