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  • ScrotumSlasherScrotumSlasher Member UncommonPosts: 1
    dont even know if warframe is considered as an mmo and i also dont live in us/eu sadfaes
  • MrMagloreMrMaglore Member UncommonPosts: 2
    The best time I've ever had in an MMO to date was SWG. The community made that game. The good times for that game were great. The bad time were...dire at best. But I've never lost more sleep playing ANY other game.
  • stalker989stalker989 Member UncommonPosts: 34
    My favorite MMO was Lineage. This game was P2P and could not be cashed out to be the best. There was some crafting in the game that required extremely rare components to make which made the hunt for the items a lot of fun, yet frustrating at the same time. Open world PvP was allowed, but severely punished if you got "caught" (killed). With plenty of PvE, tameable monsters, dogs, sieges, and bloodpledge battles this game was a lot of fun whether fighting each other or the environment.

  • jlong64jlong64 Member UncommonPosts: 2
    I would have to say my favorite MMO is Lord of the Rings Online. I love the setting and being able to follow the progress of the Fellowship as we approach Mordor has been very rewarding. Not to mention all teh other great things we get to do. Plus being able to visit the places we have read about so many times is wonderful.
  • GnoboldGnobold Member UncommonPosts: 8
    edited October 2016
    My favourite MMO is Guild Wars 2 because it forces you to nothing and you can play your favourite type of content at any given time.
  • TanlielTanliel Member UncommonPosts: 40
    Having played a ton of MMOs, it can really be difficult to nail down one specific favorite. Each does things a little bit differently and has some features you wish they all had implemented. It's only getting better and better as we get new MMOs which can pick and choose the best of features to implement.
    EverQuest really started everything for MMOs for me. I didn't like UO with it's non-consensual PvP forced on everyone. Asheron's Call was good, but the visuals were bad even then. EQ was truly breakout for a lot of reasons. It didn't lead you by the nose on quests as some later games do to simplify them, it was hard. Traveling in EQ could be hard. Zones were level based and the monsters didn't care that you were just passing through. You looked like a good bit of meat or at least a few extra coppers. Things really opened up once you found your guild. I'm not talking about an in-game NPC organization either. These are friends that I still talk to NOW, MANY years later. We went through a lot of experiences together. Failures and triumphs. Over-coming the odds to come back and beat things that had eluded us for months. That's the money right there. Those friends. Enabling us to do that. Good stuff.
  • StrangeShayStrangeShay Member UncommonPosts: 2
    My favorite MMO of all time is Anarchy Online. There hasn't been a game before or since that gives you the ability to really personalize your character like AO and that rewards you for finding ways beat the system within the system. Laddering implants, synergies between skills and racial differences that mattered but didn't stifle. Even today the only drawback for the game is the graphics which are admittedly dated.
  • clansman2007clansman2007 Member UncommonPosts: 14
    Dark Age of Camelot! It was my first MMO, and still to this day has the best RvR in any game.
  • Sal1Sal1 Member UncommonPosts: 353
    My favorite MMO right now is Star Trek Online. I love the Star Trek theme and the space combat is a blast.
  • knightauditknightaudit Member UncommonPosts: 385
    My all time fave would have been COH/COV but for live it is WOW
    I noticied you mentioned that this contest is open to USA and EU .. Does this include the red headed step child to the north, Canada? Or are we here in the Great White North being lumped in with the US?
  • GladDogGladDog Member RarePosts: 1,023
    edited October 2016
    I'm currently playing Star Trek Online. I was a beta tester for this game, and only left because my friends went to another game. There were some things I did not like about the game, but overall I was having fun.

    Well, I was getting burned out on ESO (a game I plan to go back to in a couple of months), so I thought I would give STO another try.

    I am really glad I did. Almost everything I did not like has been fixed, and they added some really cool stuff. I am liking the new stuff a lot, and crafting was fixed in a big, positive way. I'll be playing this game until Bless Online releases, and who knows, even if I like Bless, I may still choose to continue to boldly go where no one has gone before!

    My favorite game of all time was City of Heroes, but nothing further can be said about that...

    The world is going to the dogs, which is just how I planned it!

  • knightsbayneknightsbayne Member UncommonPosts: 19
    I love SWTOR, more specifically all the of the class specific story and quests. It doesn't scratch any open world itches, but I've never felt more like a character played as I have with the Sith Warrior. 
  • MoiraeMoirae Member RarePosts: 3,318
    edited October 2016
    My favorite MMO is EQ2. I played EQ many years ago but it never caught me like EQ2 has.

    I still feel shivers of excitement when I hear the music for Frostfell, and actively participate in all special events. But my absolute favorite thing about the game is the housing. It is so much better than anything anyone else offers. I have three at the moment though I'm still in the middle of decorating my Rum Runner's Cove. If I've had a hard day at work, or stress in other areas of my life, I log in to EQ2 to do some decorating. It allows me to concentrate on something incredibly relaxing while also being creative at the same time. And before I know it hours have passed and I feel better. It has hands down the best housing of any game. You can't beat 360 degree turns, and being able to turn upside down and on the x,y,z axis. And being able to place any item anywhere in the house, even partially in the walls, ceilings and floors.

    Yes, the game has it's issues, but nothing compares to the experience I've had with it. I even protest left when they went over to f2p because of the way the devs treated us back then over the subject, but I always go back. Always. Because out of every MMO, it's my home MMO. I've tried dozens and dozens, and nothing, not a single one, compares to the excitement I feel at the intro music to that game. I love it so much I'm even paying a year subscription at a time.

    This game is my game. And I love it.
  • jdnewelljdnewell Member UncommonPosts: 2,237
    edited October 2016
    ESO is currently my favorite MMO. And has been the only MMO I have played since it released.

    The lore and setting are what keep me hooked. I have been a long time fan of anything TES related and this fits the single player and MP aspects of that universe well. ( for me )

    Plus it doesnt hurt that on PC ultra settings the game is amazing to look at.
  • Dewie117Dewie117 Member UncommonPosts: 4
    My favourite MMO was Neocron. I like the Shooter Genre with PVE Focused with a "learning by doing" Skill System. I played it for a few years, sadly the developers missed it to get new content up and get some PR going. I hade like 3 Twinks only for Crafting and was farming rare parts/components almost every time. Neocron was the first game where i experiented a good balance between 3D graphics and an open world. I loved driving the buggies and tanks and the fights with it. All my hope is on Project Genom now, which is very similair to Neocron.
  • MangrillsMangrills Member UncommonPosts: 2
    I spent 6 years in wow, but now i'm clean! :D Nowadays my favourite is Guild Wars 2. It is really casual friendly, beautiful and it has the best pvp system on the market. The action oriented no global cd gameplay is like a breeze after the old timer, stationary mmos. Thanks for the chance! The headset would be awesome. :)
  • WoeToTheVanquishedWoeToTheVanquished Member UncommonPosts: 244
    My first and favorite MMO was Lineage 1: The Blood Pledge. I began playing it in 2000 back when it was in the North American alpha stages. Lineage was basically the korean version of Ultima Online. The world was an uninstanced, medieval setting with a grind so awful that your experience bar had 6 decimal places (millionths). You could tame pets by lowering the animal's health (punching them) and feeding it meat. Your pets didn't have a max level and neither did your character; the progression felt limitless. Lineage captivated me because of the gameplay difficulty and feeling of accomplishment when leveling up or finding rare loot. Sometimes I would grind a specific monster while looking for a special item (Ogre Blood), and I wouldn't find it even after 2 weeks of endless slaying. Some loot had less than a .0001% drop rate. There was also open world pvp everywhere in the game. This pvp aspect made all players a threat, and you couldn't hunt anywhere unless you showed your dominance by shooting first and asking questions later. This game was difficult, unforgiving, and taught me a lot about trusting people on the internet (don't do it). Growing up with this game turned me into a complete asshole.
  • VorpalChicken28VorpalChicken28 Member UncommonPosts: 348
    My favourite MMO is Everquest, it still manages to hold me and keep me playing despite 17 years of playing, I can't really explain but it just has something no other MMO has ever managed to replicate successfully
    “Nevertheless, the human brain, which survives by hoping from one second to another, will always endeavor to put off the moment of truth. Moist” 
    ― Terry PratchettMaking Money
  • BluserkerBluserker Member UncommonPosts: 3
    Definitely World of Warcraft but not in its current version, it was perfect at the end of BC and beginning of WOTLK, the sheer size and minimum amount of handlebars created some of the most wonderful and memorable adventures in my childhood...learning your way through a digital world and understanding the transport shortcuts that had amazing design (looking at you Deeprun Tram) aswell as the flow of the progression through content figuring out where risk met reward and where you were just begging for apocalypse.

    Heck, I can still remember how nervous I was when duelling for the first time, it was really serious as if 'If I fail I would be a disgrace as a human being and become the laughing stock of my guildmates for the rest of my time in-game' (LOL), in fact wow has to this date been my hidden guilty pleasure because I somehow loved to endure the whole pvp season power curve over and over again, it just felt good going from zero to hero.
  • KrematoryKrematory Member UncommonPosts: 607
    EVE Online is the best MMO for me, because it's a vast breathing living universe driven by conflict... and LAZORZ!!

    "EVE is likely the best MMORPG that you've never really understood or played" - Kyleran

  • morgartjrmorgartjr Member CommonPosts: 1
    World of Warcraft. The quests, the lore, the sounds, the music. All of it is great. I could sit and listen to the ambience and the music in many places around the game. Its the only MMO I keep returning to.
  • magfjemagfje Member CommonPosts: 2
    early Archeage, it was the most fun i've had in a game ever.
  • ShadowDDDShadowDDD Member UncommonPosts: 1
    My favorite MMO is Guild Wars 2. What make Guild Wars 2 my favorite is that I was apart of a great guild. The community in Guild Wars 2 has one of the best group of people I have ever been apart.
  • tirwentirwen Member UncommonPosts: 24
    I'd say Rift. One of the things I love is that you can make the character the way you want to play, and there are a lot of choices. Their wardrobe system is probably the best I've seen. I like that the housing isn't outrageously expensive like in some games, and you can make it your own in a variety of ways (and there are some VERY creative people in Rift). They patch every week, which means you get a lot of small improvements all the time rather than the occasional big one. When beta testing is going on, there are actually people playing on the test server (unlike a lot games I've been on), and the devs are right there with them. There's a quirky sense of humor that runs through the game that I really enjoy. There's a weekly livestream (or nearly every week anyway), and you can tell they're having fun. Dead Simon and Captain Cursor are priceless!
  • AI724AI724 Member UncommonPosts: 244
    My fav MMO is Blade & Soul. B&S has good combat/combo action, skill animations, artworks and yes an amazing Asian style humors and scene. Love it.


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