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  • KumptyKumpty Member UncommonPosts: 7
    My favorite is Wow. I played it so many hours. This game has everything. And I still love it!!
  • NasaNasa Member UncommonPosts: 700
    I have picked Skyforge as it is the game I play and enjoy most at the moment.

    I like the combat, it seems to have the right mix of tab target and active combat, you can and will need to dodge here. You have few skills to use and learn per class, so you can focus on the action.


    The graphics is among the best. I like the sci-fi art style and the almost perfect running animation style is upright and not like bend over assassin style that is typical for Asian MMOs.


    There are 14 classes in all. 2 supports, 2 tanks and 10 damage. No healer class and im fine with that.
    I like that you can use the same character for all classes and that you can switch classes without loosing power or progress. Even though the classes are more traditional than sci-fi it dont hurt the game fun for me.

    It is f2p with cash-shop. I dont see anything p2w in the shop and you can get gems for the shop just by playing.

    This is a hub based MMO where you play as team or solo(mostly god) as you please. It dont have all features that big MMOs have like crafting or housing. It focus on what most would do in end game anyway: Combat and gear update. I think it have successed in doing that job well, maybe because it have left out all the "noise".
  • freshness82freshness82 Member UncommonPosts: 2
    My favorite MMO to date is probably Guild Wars 2. I think it's one that I can, have, and will always be able to go back to from time to time and enjoy quite a bit.
  • FeralpawFeralpaw Member UncommonPosts: 5
    I'm not playing an MMO currently but one of my favorites is Guild Wars 2. I loved the combat and also that I could play solo without missing content
  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 8,945
    My favorite is GW2. Great underwater combat, intuitive combat, nice pvp and pve, lots of areas to explore, good variety of classes to play, great dynamic events, easy access to auction house from any location, lots of inventory space set aside for gathering, lots of mini stories by NPCs all over the place, don't have to have legendaries to be an effective player, I could go on. :-)

    "We all do the best we can based on life experience, point of view, and our ability to believe in ourselves." - Naropa      "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."  SR Covey

  • wishookwishook Member UncommonPosts: 1
    lineage 2 best of the best i never boring in lineage 2
  • ZezituhZezituh Member UncommonPosts: 2
    My favourite MMO so far is Guild Wars 2. It's a game where the community isn't that bad and has a lot of content. Also, there's always new open world events to make the game even more enrhoyable
  • AedixbdoAedixbdo Member UncommonPosts: 2
    my favourite mmorpg is Black Desert Online. the combat system is the most unique one out there, it's super fluid and pvp is like a fighting game where combos are very important. sieges are extremely fun because it's really strategic. the downside of the game however is the rng that controls almost everything you do, concerning the cash shop it's one of the least pay to win out there, no matter what other people say. the game has huge potential, but it's up to the developer and publisher to make the right decisions for us here in the west concerning content.
  • antzuluantzulu Member UncommonPosts: 3
    My all time favorite MMO was Star Wars Galaxies from beta until they broke it. The game was very ambitious. All the different templates you can come up with, and all the overpowered mind dot weapons is what made the game fun. The huge battles, exploring planets, visiting iconic locations, player housing and cities, bounty hunting jedi's or being hunted, and anything else I missed set the game apart from others. The game was not perfect, but that is what made it appealing to me. The CU was bearable, but the NGE (I think that's what it was called) killed it.
  • Augusto13Augusto13 Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Everquest - I have played many, many MMO's but none have ever come close to the enjoyment I had and still have playing Everquest!
  • MarlonBMarlonB Member UncommonPosts: 526
    edited November 2016
    Star Wars Galaxies .... my wife left me due to it.
  • Athanasios2104Athanasios2104 Member UncommonPosts: 5
    PlanetSide 2. MMOFPS one of its kind. I just wished SOE gave it more love before launch... hopefully they'll get it right in PS3, but even now, PS2 outpaces any other "grand scale" fps (64 players max, lel).
  • ScorchienScorchien Member LegendaryPosts: 7,042
    After 19 years .....Still            UO             :)
  • BenbradaBenbrada Member UncommonPosts: 519
    Hard to pick just one favorite. If pressed to make a decision it would be Dark Age Of Camelot where it all started for me. It's RvR is still unprecedented even 15 yrs later.
  • icoolaicoola Member CommonPosts: 1
    edited November 2016
    Guild Wars 2 is my fave, cause it does not force me to play in groups if i dont want to, i can play most of the content alone, i dont have time to wait for ( and play in ) a group so i just want to jump in, play for an hour or so and then leave.
  • dgmakodgmako Member UncommonPosts: 28
    My favorite MMO was Everquest. I have not played it in years but nothing else has come close in terms of having a place in my heart. I started off making fun of someone playing it at work, then I was convinced to join my co-workers and that was it, I was hooked. Soon after my co-workers all slowly stopped playing but I was playing easily for 5 years straight. I eventually had a 2nd account and would two-box with other friends that also two-boxed and we would have a blast doing all kinds of things. In the evenings, my guild had me for at least 6 hours a night, doing some massive raids. On average we would usually have more than 72 people on for raiding so we started raiding with 2 large groups doing different zones. I was in a guild called Alliance of Hope which was filled with a large number of really good people at the time and i've never forgotten them either unfortunately, eventually work took over, life took care of the rest and I was no longer able to put in so much time to play. I was able to get into Everquest 2 for a while, long enough to do some major raiding but even that had to come to an end.

    Aside from Everquest, i've never found any MMO that could grab me and keep me hooked for so long. I still jump into many different games, including Wow (sorry this one didn't grab me much either), Diablo 3, Hearthstone, Overwatch, but they don't keep me playing very long. Funny thing is that I still have a lot of time to play, but a lot of the current games are boring and Everquest now is a bit dated, everyone is so far ahead, and lastly... the community has changed drastically which causes people to lose interest instead of playing more.

  • GreekaGreeka Member UncommonPosts: 21
    My favorite mmo game of all time is Dungeons and Dragons Online. Even with its issues and age at this point the game is still fun and helps fill that D&D itch I always have. Additionally it is one of the few games that allows for some crazy builds and there are a lot of build types available to those playing the game. Overall I have been playing since the head start launch in 2006 with the occasional break to try other games that hooked me for a while. But I always keep coming back to DDO to play and continue to play to this date.
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