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DAoC 15th Anniversary: Get your 30 day trial before it ends!

SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484
Only 1 week left to claim your free 30 days and join in the celebrations of our 15th anniversary, and Halloween event! Read all about our Comeback to Camelot campaign below.

Returning players can get up to date on recent changes here:…/returning-players-guide-0

Don't miss out!


  • SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484
    15th Anniversary Celebration Update
    There are just 3 days left of our month-long 15th Anniversary celebration!

    That means 3 days left to return and get 30 free days! Be sure to check out all of the Come Back to Camelot offerings HERE!
    The traveling merchants will be departing with the month's end so be sure to pick up whatever you need this weekend!
    Starting Sunday and continuing through Tuesday, the costume potions and new Trick or Treat candies will be usable in the Frontiers in celebration of Halloween!

    The King's Tournament will also be ending just before midnight EST on October 31st. If you haven't checked out the leaderboards yet, be sure to do so HERE!
    Remember, the realm's winner in each category will receive a statue of their character's likeness!
    We're also happy to announce an extra reward to the top 10 winners per realm in each category: their very own copy of the 15th Anniversary poster!

    Even with the Anniversary month ending, there's plenty to look forward to: 

    We'll be continuing the bounty point and experience bonuses at their current values through the entire month of November!
    Realm point bonuses will be reduced from 100% to 50% but will also continue through the the entire month of November.
    Our Halloween event, including the Mournful King instance dungeon, will continue until November 8th!
    Stay tuned for details of an event during the week of Thanksgiving!
    Look forward to our annual midwinter celebration coming with a new instance dungeon later in December!
    Finally, 1.122B will also be hitting the Pendragon test server in the coming weeks and we're very excited to unveil the revamped Necromancer and much-requested RvR changes!

    Click here to visit the DAoC Herald!
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