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One of the BEST developer posts... EVER.



  • ElloaElloa Member UncommonPosts: 66
    Albatroes said:
    Even though I applaud their efforts and honest (and I'm personally interested in the game), you have to look at competition and what they are willing to do. NCSoft and Daybreak already offer some form of 'legacy' servers for their games like EQ/2/Lineage 2 (Lineage might not be on this side yet? haven't checked). Not to mention we already had the heated thing this year between the legacy server devs of WoW and Blizzard, which is honestly free money for Blizzard if they decide to do it. People had to know that Blizzard wasn't ever gonna consider doing legacy servers with their latest expansion a few months away, but there's no telling what they decide to do depending on how future updates go since its live. If Blizzard does introduce legacy servers, it does shut down a lot of these projects for many people since that's what many people wish (I personally don't even though I wouldn't mind playing when cata was the latest expansion again, but I can't fund an entire game lol).
    Saga of Lucimia will hopefully offer a completely different experience to the player than a modernized version of EQ or Vanguard.
    The goal is before everything to build a world that players can explore and where they can live exciting adventures together, a lot more in the line of a classical Dungeons and Dragons campaign, than a traditional MMORPG. 
    It will certainly not be the cup of tea of the majority of gamers, but I'm certain that a lot of players will be interested by such an experience. Maybe even young players that never played old MMORPG. Saga of Lucimia aim to be a game, that doesn't really feel like a game, but more like a vivid virtual world...
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