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Love O2O a Chinese drama about online gaming

kitaradkitarad Member LegendaryPosts: 6,270
I started watching this and I was struck by how many of the observation and experiences  we have while playing translate. There are some very corny lines and the general obsequiousness of some of the characters are nauseating but I love how it shows you the very PK nature of online gaming there. 

I have only got to episode 4 but so far I find that the story does show how these university students who also game and the drama shows both their everyday lives and the interaction in the game. The special effects on the monsters are cool. There is a love story here so fair warning there are some tropes too but I like how the main character is a computer science student and she is not the usual TSTL type some of these dramas portray.

It also shows very clearly a message that video gaming is not all bad and although the acting is not that great they do improve with advancing episodes. Of course there are some very annoying Asian girl character that like to pursue someone even when they are told point blank to bugger off. Being Asian myself I can relate. I have never understood this insistence that if I stalk and pursue they will like me eventually.

I am sharing this because I enjoy anything that has to do with online gaming and I liked the Wuxia angle and the culture this drama exposes.

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