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Open World PvP and instanced PvE.

ManasuManasu Member UncommonPosts: 208
Hey there,

So I was looking for a game that has a heavy focus on open world PvP and generally open world activities but also it focuses on competitive, instanced PvE (raids,dungeons etc).

Any suggestions?
Sandbox MMORPGs that are not very well-known but definitely worth a look:

Ryzom, Haven and Hearth, Xsyon, The Repopulation, UO private shards, Mortal Online, Darkfall 1 remakes (New Dawn or Rise of Agon), RPG MO, Project Gorgon, EQ: Sanctuary (custom  server)


  • A1D3NA1D3N Member UncommonPosts: 276
    blade and soul maybe if you not tried it yet, not sure how many people play it now but when i played when it first come out there was open world faction pvp, usually for the main boss. also has instance pvp, and all the dungeons are instance i am sure :) 

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