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Where the War Goes from Here



  • DakeruDakeru Member EpicPosts: 3,802
    I found @UnleadedRev 's comments on the interview refreshing and honest.
    Good input!
    Harbinger of Fools
  • duparomanaduparomana Member CommonPosts: 4
    I'm not gonna change my opinion about this game !

    Must have for all fans of WH40K and for all people who like good fun and thrill of eternal war !!!

    Brothers, Heretics, Xenos Elves and Greenskins! Help a brother out. If anyone
    is planning to buy the game (Or knows anyone who might), I'd like to put out
    my referral code. EC-0ANFH8ARHBZK5
  • HaralinHaralin Member UncommonPosts: 148
    edited October 2016
    This game has not more peristent world as diablo3, he still pretends it has a persistent world. I like the game but in this interview you can see they have no clue to finish the product as promised. Balancing in this game is just give the cry babies there will.
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