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  • filmoretfilmoret Member EpicPosts: 4,906
    k61977 said:
    filmoret said:
    k61977 said:
    filmoret said:
    I don't use adblocker or antivirus and my computer is fine.  According to your theories it shouldn't even turn on.
    In today's world not using some form of antivirus especially when their are many good free ones is the definition of idiocy.  All it takes is allowing someone else to use your computer for a couple mins that does something stupid like clicking on a link or opening the wrong page and all the sudden everything you typed or do is sent to someone else.  And a good virus would not slow your system down at all, it just waits for you to send things online and piggy backs the signal so you don't notice the additional bandwidth use as easily and sends all your information to whoever wrote it.  It's bad enough that companies like microsoft and google are doing this legally now, but there are many that also do it illegally.  I wrote a worm in college that could do exactly what I described for a security class while taking a programing class when I was just learning, all it takes is someone with basic skills to ruin your life.  And hopefully it will never happen to you but, if someone does steal all your info and ruins your credit and takes money, expect years upon years to try and get it fix if you can at all.  And the worst part would be it was your own fault for not having personal accountability and securing your system.
    Well im doing pretty good for an idiot.  Got 3 computers and no problems.  Noone has messed with my bank accounts or done anything with my passwords or any of my accounts.  Hows this for an idiot?  I write software and call it antivirus.  Then i pretend to be stopping things every once in a while to make you feel like the 40$ you just spent is actually worth it.  So everyone believes I'm helping you and selling a great product when its really a scam and noone knows better.  The best thing is people will zealously defend me and the whole time I'm laughing at the bank because I don't have to use a virus to steal their money, they gave it to me and were happy to do so.
    You got no problems that you know about, how about that.  I don't pay a dime for antivirus myself, I use free ones.  For some reason you think people have to pay for antivirus software, you don't and I know very few people other than major corps that do pay.  There are good ones out there for free.  Like I said it is your choice, a stupid one, but your choice.  A easy example of how to get viruses is to have young children.   If you ever have a child messing around on a PC most likely you would come across a virus as they will open up anything that gets their attention.  Very few people write viruses that has a goal of messing up a computer.  I know some people that actually write them legally for a living personally, but that is another story.  99% of all viruses are spyware, and a good spyware you would never know you had if done right.  But again it is your choice, but you never have a right to say a word if you do ever get one because it is your own fault that you did nothing to prevent it to begin with.
    Nothing is free dude.  So how exactly do they make money from these free antivirus programs?
    Are you onto something or just on something?
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