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Thinking about comnig back to FFXI

haidonghaidong Member Posts: 12

I played FFXI for 3 or 4 months in the Summer of '04 I quit to start other games, such as WoW, now WoW is proving to be unfulfilling and I remember how much fun FFXI was. I was thinking about starting to play it again as thre aren't really any new MMO's that strike me as good. The main thing that hasn't made me come back sooner is PvP. Is ballista good Pvp, and does it have an impact on the world at all? And how is the game overall now? I remember before the AH was outragously overprices. Is there still a good player base?


  • FizblixFizblix Member UncommonPosts: 130

    3,500 people on my server right now. 7pm AZ MNT time. Havent played since before PS2 Launch and think there were less players on for this time.

    I think the economy will always be screwed up in this game. With so many high lvl players and so many jobs to lvl from lvl 1, paying 1k-5k gil for a lvl 1 weapon, that an NPC sells for 350 gil 50 feet away, is no big deal to them.

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