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Warrior uninteresting and plain(MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS)

Psym0nPsym0n Member UncommonPosts: 283
edited September 2016 in World of Warcraft
Let's start with the fact that I love Legion, I love warrior and I love protection over anything. But what really bugs me off is the bad story, the aweful classhall and the shitty artifacts. Now I know many people won't agree, but the story is bad. You get some random heroes that they created THIS expansion and tried to apply the Vikingesque story to it. And for me it isn't working. Not at all. The voice-overs sound so dumb that I have to wonder what kind of idiot made these quests. Having Odynn(wow an Y and an extra N, so original) speak like a retarded version of Arnie telling me to go to "da choppa". This killed the story outright and made me cringe so bad I cramped my back..

Warrior has been my favourite class since BC. It's one of the most iconic classes in game and has been in the game since they announced it. There were two very cool warrior characters ingame in the form of Hellscream and Wrynn. Now they're gone so they had to invent some new ones. But why pick two random Vrykul? Why is it so impossible to get a cool warrior from the Alliance or Horde. Why the hell do we need some random Arnie wannebees.

My next point of rant is the way the classhall looks. I like the idea of Valhalla and jumping to it. But why does it look like cloudcity? I thought Vrykul(and vikinglore) was about a grant hall with feasts, endless battles and more feasting. I see some guys gathered around Odynn drinking but it's not immersive and it looks like the Paladins will join us soon. So much light, and no gore at all. I always saw warriors as either classy duelist with 2h weapons or tanky and stout brawlers. Nowadays they get bathed in light and called the Battleleader of some random giants who aren't strong enough to lift a fish.

But the questing and zones in Legion make up for all these things. The only thing they can't make up for are the artifact weapons. Man these suck. And that's underexpressing my self. I fucking hate it. Warriors should be bad ass plate wearers that protect themself with the most bad ass of weapons. An Arms warrior should have a neatly cared for 2h, wereas Tanks should get a shield that's full of spikes and traps. What do we get? A 2h sword that's made out of teeth and a shield that looks like it's plucked from a Moonkins ass. Why the feathers? Why the purple colour? Oh and if that colour isn't bad enough already, let's add 3 more colours that vary in shades of PURPLE.. the fuck. I haven't said anything about fury weapons as I think those are rehashed from the Arms one. Only smaller and the teeth face another direction. 

If I look at other classes that wear shields and 2h's they get the most awesome of weapons. I mean Varynn Wrynn had the most bad ass of weapons ever. So did Hellscream. Why can't we pick up those? Why did Blizzard invent new weapons with aweful background stories and more aweful looks. And IBF "you can transmog it, so stop crying", it's supposed to be the most bad ass weapon for your class. It shouldn't be so that you need to transmog it because it looks so faulty and bad. 

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