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With KoTFE final chapter (I believe) are Kira and Mako back in the story yet?

QuicksandQuicksand Member UncommonPosts: 682
As the title ask, I have been waiting to complete the KoTFE until the last chapter was released so I could get Kira and Mako, but have not been able to find out if they have in fact been reintroduced in the story... anyone able to confirm?


  • BakgrindBakgrind Member UncommonPosts: 423
    Nope they have not been reintroduced back as of yet. I believe that they are supposed to come back in the next expansion which is KOTET. And more than likely will be very late in the season sine they are among the more popular companions that have not made it back. Personally I am not a big fan of episodic type chapters for any game much less an MMO and wont come back to the game until all of the chapters are done.  A site for good information ( better than SWTOR's own site )  about what has been released can be found at
  • QuicksandQuicksand Member UncommonPosts: 682
    Thank you for the info and the site recommendation

  • QuicksandQuicksand Member UncommonPosts: 682
    Is there a site that shows all of the companions that have returned in KoTFE ?

  • BakgrindBakgrind Member UncommonPosts: 423
    edited August 2016
    I haven't seen a complete list of the companions that made it back in KOTFE. Best bet is to ask the same question on other boards and hopefully someone out there will be able to give you an answer.
  • QuicksandQuicksand Member UncommonPosts: 682

  • Heffy424Heffy424 Member UncommonPosts: 524
    I feel a lot of the romance options will be returning in the next expansion. I just hope Doc died i hate doc............really hated doc.

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