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Hate to ask but Im in a pickle



  • filmoretfilmoret Member EpicPosts: 4,906
    psiic said:
    I keep getting the India guys that hardly speaking english calling claiming to be microsoft tech wanting to fix my computer bugs they detected. Even though I keep telling them I know they are criminals and con artist and I am turning their number over to Interpol they keep calling back. 
    LOL yea the last time they called me I told them I hacked the FBI and got a virus.  Or I go through the whole process and waste their time asking bunch of dumb questions then give them a fake cc# with fake name and act like I cannot read it properly.  good times

    Ridelynn said:
    Nightlite said:
    Phry said:
    Nightlite said:
    You had a popup script, probably not from newegg.com..

    Nothing happened, nothing is infected, nothing was installed, nothing is wrong. Move on :)
    Picard face palming..
    Because popup scams are less likely than a malicious ransom virus? Nothing he has said in anyway leads to the ransom virus assumption. Face palm all you want though, by the time you guys are done he will have smashed burned and destroyed his hard drive over a popup scam.
    So let's say your right, for arguments sake, and that a simple popup is way more common than an actual malware install/virus (I honestly don't know what the statistics are on this, but I can believe what you say here).

    Are you 100% certain you can rule out everything other than a simple popup script just from what the OP has said here? That there is 0 possibility of it being anything more malicious than just a popup script?

    The consequences of it actually being malware/virus/ransomware are very high. Even if the chance is pretty low, the fact that it ~might~ be, and that really bad things could then happen, warrant a bit more than just a clean reboot and then moving on.

    At least in my opinion.
    I deal with something like this once a week.  Its a matter of a few simple things.  
    1.  Did you say yes when it asked you to install something?
    2.  Did you recently install something strange like a codec to watch a video?
    3.  Is your web browser redirecting your homepage or using some strange search engine?
    4.  Do your ads look strange and out of place?

    If you can say no to all of these then you do not have any kind of virus its just the popup scam.
    Are you onto something or just on something?
  • IcovaIcova Member UncommonPosts: 33
    Yeap, we're good, ty all.

    I endeavor to understand the thinking of those who have shaped our world, yet I lack the ability to insert my head, that far, up my ass.

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