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Update 12 - the other stuff

gervaise1gervaise1 Member EpicPosts: 6,919
In addition to mentioning the "low crown cost" loot crates that provide an opportunity to get "limited time offer mounts and costumes no longer available in the store" and "super rare stuff that will only be available from the boxes" Matt Frior also talked about other stuff.

Japan sales are in addition to the 7M announced earlier.   

One Tamriel goes live with Update 12. Go where you want after finishing the starter area.

All zones redesigned. Same approach as Wtothgar, Orsinium etc. All zones "redesigned" so all have solo quest stuff, public dungeons, world bosses. A mix of group and solo gameplay in every zone. Craglorn completely redesigned to fit this zone concept. The main story in Craglorn is now solo with all side content attuned to 2, 3, or full 4 player group. The special encounters in Craglorn are now set at World Boss level. (So easier?)  

Every zone in Tamriel will now have 3 item sets associated with it. Same idea as with dungeons. These items will drop at your level. Does not impact crafting.

All veteran dungeons will drop monster masks - guaranteed - on the final boss. 17 new masks.

All dungeons will have normal and veteran mode.

Alliance restrictions dropped for groups; level "will not mean that much". Aim is to make the game more social.

Two new festivals: withches festival around Halloween; lights festival around New Year. More to come over time.

PTS end of August, more info to come. Launch in October. (Crate system will be included but not(?) the actual crates.)


  • gervaise1gervaise1 Member EpicPosts: 6,919
    The changes to item sets is probably a good move - will certainly simplify things.

    Sounds like groups will function like dungeons do - so mobs are all at 160? And co-op play as well? Maybe have to see what the "more info" "in detail" brings.

    New festivals and more to come is a nice touch as well.
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