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State of Game

pmaurapmaura Member UncommonPosts: 530
is this game dead, if not how stable is it and how large the community, how is the over all playability and gameplay


  • BluddwolfBluddwolf Member UncommonPosts: 355
    I sold off my account several months ago.  When I left, the game had not had any significant update in months and it still hasn't.  When I left there was probably fewer than 200 actual players, but the Developers never released any data on true numbers.  

    Since the game has not had any real changes in months, I can still talk about overall playability and game play but I hesitate to do so.  My reason is that you should first try the 14 day free trial, after which you will be locked into paying a monthly subscription to continue playing.

    The game is still in Alpha quality, and it will ceiling out at where games in 2009 left off.  That is until the Dev Team decides to move away from Unity 4 game engine.  

    Played: E&B, SWG, Eve, WoW, COH, WAR, POTBS, AOC, LOTRO, AUTO.A, AO, FE, TR, WWII, MWO, TSW, SWTOR, GW2, NWO, WoP, RUST, LIF, SOA, MORTAL, DFUW, AA, TF, PFO, ALBO, and many many others....

  • AndiusMeuridiarAndiusMeuridiar Member UncommonPosts: 91
    Best case scenario they will completely wipe the data and overhaul the game. Most likely scenario this game will continue to aspire to be half the game Darkfall, Mortal, or Wurm are. And that's saying something. Bottom line, don't waste your time.
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