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[ Blood Ravens ] Gaming - WoW recruiting! | PvP/e | Stormrage US | Discord |

NobleNerdNobleNerd Member UncommonPosts: 759
edited August 2016 in Guilds

Recruiting PvP minded players. Do not need to be experienced. Looking to build rated BG team(s) and Arena groups.

We are a laid-back guild that enjoys the PvP content of MMOs, but also will be running PvE content, including (eventually) raiding. Raiding will be on a casual level.

Looking for those who can eventually step into leadership roles as growth demands.

Want to know more about us?

Go to our:

Website -

Discord - Connect from our website widget

We use Discord mostly and it almost replaces any need for a website. Our Code of Conduct and more info. can be found in our #Welcome channel. If you have more questions you can jump into our voice channels and chat with our members.

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