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  • ErroniusErronius Member UncommonPosts: 9
    You just saw what you wanted to see. I said in the very next sentence; they technically win here. I'm happy you did what so many others can't do. It just irritates me that you came here to rub your butts on the carpet in hopes that you might leave a stain. It seems you are just like the others, unable to completely read the paragraph.
    You're still getting it wrong. Many of us came over to this thread not because we felt entitled (referencing your prior post), but because it looks like so many of you here seem to think that we owed Craig to stay and that by leaving we were doing him wrong. In a sense, people were talking as if it was Craig and MMORPG who were entitled, and we were in the wrong for not obliging them and staying in order to make their purchase profitable.

    I went out of my way to be as even and objective as possible (though I do have my limits), but what I ended up seeing was people getting their feelings hurt when we poked holes in the preferred narrative.

  • LanxKaiLanxKai Member CommonPosts: 4
    If anyone is still interested, we have an update on our situation.

    I've am old, so i've been learning how to speak Millenial, so here's my best try:

    (I know this thread will not gain anymore attention, b/c it's been marked to non-bump status, so this is just for all you subscribed guys)
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