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MMORPG Site Change

AtaakaAtaaka Member UncommonPosts: 212

I am throwing out a suggestion for the front page layout that I hope you might take serious consideration upon. 

Is there any way to move 'Upcoming Games' to the top of your page? I realize that is the hot spot and potentially 'paid for'. When I used to logon to MMORPG, the Upcoming Games and Released Games were in my face.

Today, just as I was about to close my browser, I happen to see Upcoming Games because I follow Bill Murphy (whom is on the bottom half of the screen on my computer).

MMORPG should get back to providing information at the eye-click and not the mouse. Please forgive me if I have stepped over a line or two in order to provide my thought here in the Spam Forum (LOL -of all places).

Ataaka -'cause in PvP I don't have time to scroll down.


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