Is legit?

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Hey guys,

Is a legit website?  It has some old C64 games I would really like to play again, like Auto Duel and Legacy of the Ancients.  I don't want to catch PC herpes, though!



  • DarkestOverlordDarkestOverlord Member UncommonPosts: 328
    Yes its old games that is legaly released--its green lights and good to go

  • MightyUncleanMightyUnclean Member RarePosts: 1,861
    Thanks man.  Any idea, do the game downloads come with a C64 emulator and instruction docs or anything?
  • GainsNGamesGainsNGames Member UncommonPosts: 107
    use Vitustotal, click on "URL' and type in the website address, then Scan It.  You can even upload and scan files.
  • MightyUncleanMightyUnclean Member RarePosts: 1,861
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    OK, thanks Gains.

    I've never used a C64 emulator before.  Is there a good one?  How do you load games once you open the emulator?
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  • GainsNGamesGainsNGames Member UncommonPosts: 107
    OK, thanks Gains.

    I've never used a C64 emulator before.  Is there a good one?  How do you load games once you open the emulator?  explains how to load it, pretty simple.

  • WizardryWizardry Member EpicPosts: 13,406
    Legit but have had problems with a couple games before,example an old Horse racing game i liked would not work for long always crashing.MOST games before and present needed patches and unlikely any of these come with those patches.

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    Dosbox makes almost all of them work for me at least. Sometimes there are issues with sound, but I've always found a fix thus far. It does take a bit of finagling at times.
  • ImpmonImpmon Member UncommonPosts: 81
    I've downloaded games from them.  Problem is some of the 90's games require other programs to actually get the games working.  You can just install and go, they require some dicking around to work.  They all require dos memory.
  • filmoretfilmoret Member EpicPosts: 4,906
    abandonia been around for a long time.  Whenever they get any copyright issues they immediately take the game off their sight.  I remember that game castles went into copyright for some reason and they had to drop it.  Every once in a while some company buys the copyrights to those old games hoping to make a dollar but thats very rare.
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    If the game had bugs and crashes back in the 64 days then they still have it on that site :D   Nothing changed beside the time haha  amazing u can experience the old bugs today...also u need to find Dosbox..takes a littel time and watch some videos then u learn the basics in dosbox to play ur games..or download Winuae for amiga games..i cant remember if theer is comadore 64 roms..but the roms can be hard to find since they ar enot all free download...damm people that wants money for stuff on the internet right

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    What is with all the Korean gold spam lately on here?
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    WTF you fucks, isn't it enough to create your own spam threads?  Now you have to hijack others?
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