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Unable to download patch files? Might have a fix.

blastermasterblastermaster Member UncommonPosts: 259

I tried reinstalling the game this week, and the patcher was constantly crashing at ~400mb in a specific file (don't remember the exact file sorry). The error message was something like : "Unable to download patch files  [30413] [20495]".

I tried lots of things (running as admin, resetting router, stopping all background services,etc.) to no avail. The only fix that worked was to go through a VPN connection to "secure" the data.

I used Cyberghost VPN since it had a free version that was not limited in download size,etc. It still slowed down to a crawl, but once the specific file went through, I stopped the VPN and restarted the download and it managed to download the rest at full speed.

Posting this here as an FYI for people (who lurks around here) who could end up with the same issue I had.

It was a frustrating issue that almost got me to not come back to the game.. but now that it is behind, maybe I can finish the ARR story line (main class is lvl46) and finally sink my teeth in HW..

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