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It's the combat...



  • Mackaveli44Mackaveli44 Member RarePosts: 665
    edited March 2017
    The combat felt lackluster.   Your characters animations were stale and repetitive like they were locked in the same animation over and over.  

    What I thought was rather odd and still confuses me to this day was that with all the hype that surrounded the game prior to it's launch, when the server's went live on launch day, the fact that I didn't see as many people as I thought I would on LAUNCH day in the starting zones is what blew me away.  Every single mmo I have played at a launch(which too many that i'd like to admit), you'd see tons and tons of people, which for me is exciting and a driving factor but during the first week of launch I was just confused.  Hardly seeing that many people in the new zones was just.... strange.  Almost as if it didn't do well from the getgo.  And, I was on the the most populated server at the time, according to server status pages, forums, etc. 

    Was an overall, strange experience with Wildstar.  My friends who were hardcore Wildstars gonna be awesome to them quitting within a week or two.  Flabbergasted. 
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