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StarCraft Universe Open Beta Begins - News



  • joeslowmoejoeslowmoe Member UncommonPosts: 127
    filmoret said:

    filmoret said:

    I'm gonna have to say that there is no way Blizzard will allow this.

    They've already allowed it [MOD EDIT]. Understand the difference between a project like this and illegal projects which blatantly steal an IP.

    Blizzard is pretty annoying for a number of reasons at times, but defending themselves from theft of their IPs isn't one of them.
    Its a mod.  Completely different then what you are thinking.  Which is why Blizzard allows it because they allow mods.  Now they will never be able to sell or make any money off it.  Blizzard holds that key alone.
    That was my point. 
  • filmoretfilmoret Member EpicPosts: 4,906
    WOW! I really like it "so far"....
    I only played about 30 minutes, but liked what I saw.
    I now need to read more about the game.
    Although, I have never played ANY SC2 MODS, at least so far this game is filling a much needed NICHE.
    Why cannot Blizzard just make a Starcraft MMORPG instead of the silly Overwatch (shooter)?
    Regardless, maybe if enough people play this game Blizzard will get the hint.
    So far the game IMHO is like a combination of WoW, WS, and OW.
    I'm sure if it becomes popular enough they will start charging monthly for it and take it over.
    Are you onto something or just on something?
  • CrazKanukCrazKanuk Member EpicPosts: 6,130
    Another crowdfunding victory! Nice to see it's converting some.


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  • DAOWAceDAOWAce Member UncommonPosts: 422
    I completely forgot this existed.
  • YaevinduskYaevindusk Member RarePosts: 2,094

    DMKano said:

    Of course Blizzard doesn't mind this as you have to buy Starcraft2 before you can run this mod.

    Anything that increased their sales is A-OK

    IMO this is a mod not a game because it can't run without the base SC2 game

    Mods and Player made maps haven't needed you to buy Starcraft II for years. It was one of their big announcements a couple Blizzcons ago to support the modding community.

    Additionally (in response to another post), Blizzard almost always supports mods of their games. I believe there was one that comes to mind where the legal team got trigger happy, but Blizzard itself apologized and said it was okay.

    They even gave Armies of Azeroth a spotlight on their website as well as their facebook and twitter feed. Though when it comes to the Diablo community, they pretty much destroyed the mod scene there by making it be always connected to the internet.

    Also looking forward to the Diablo II remake; watched a few streams of that guy making it and it looks amazing.
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