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Keurig 2.0 Machine is a advertisement money maker, it slightly relates to MMO and cash shops.

makasouleater69makasouleater69 Member UncommonPosts: 1,096
edited July 2016 in Off-Topic Discussion
I just got one of these things, around a month ago. This machine has told me to replace the water filter, btw which Keurig sells, 3 times. There is no way it needs to be changed that many time, at all. Especially since, I use very pure mountain water to fill it with. No I don't mean bottle water, I mean the real things from a nice pure fresh natural source.  I can only imagine how many people bought a new filter every time that thing told them to. With 0 understanding, if it honestly needed to be changed or not.

This is why I extremely hate mmo cash shops. They are literally designed with the same evil, hidden messages, to get people to spend money, even if they really don't know why, or even if there is a purpose to the thing they are buying.  


  • makasouleater69makasouleater69 Member UncommonPosts: 1,096
    edited July 2016
    Holy shit balls lol. If you changed these filters like they tell you too, you would spend something around 18-30 dollars a month, depending on where you bought them, for no reason. Effectively becoming not only a addict to coffee, but now this worthless retarded keurig coffee water filter. Never mind the fact that for the last 50 years when there were no keurigs no one used water filters haha. God the guy who made that machine is a evil bastard. He or she knowingly did that sneaky shit, just to mack some money. I bet you I could convenience 6 jury members to win a law suit against keurig haha. Lucky for keurig I am not a evil bastard, and would never do something that low to sue them, and become like them.
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