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You can still play DFUW, For free

yonpachiyonpachi Member UncommonPosts: 137
edited July 2016 in Darkfall: Unholy Wars

Game still pretty alive, though not that active but at least it's not in Aventurine's hand. Also YES, you can play the game in English language. All you need is to options and change the language from JP to English. And voila now all ching-chong turned into EN!

The hardest part is registration, as you need to have japanese YAHOO ID, after that I can just play normally without even need to use VPN. (PS: I'm from Indonesia).

Game is free, as for cash shop goes, here are stuffs on their item mall
  • Premium buffs
  • Premium services (name change, clan name change)
  • Premium consumables
  • Premium costumes/headgear (gotta love these f2p headgears lol)
  • Premium dyes
  • Premium tools (slightly better tools than you can craft)
Wouldn't exactly call this p2w, mostly convenient items, just there to save your time.

Anyone want to play together? You can add me, my in game name is: Mad Dog
Just started playing today, Feel free to add. Any question just ask, =) If there's many of you interested i might as well make full tutorial on how to get everything set up.
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