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Interested in Mobile MMO? Sign up for Durango Pre-Alpha Test!

Dingodingo2Dingodingo2 Member UncommonPosts: 4
edited July 2016 in MonsterMMORPG

Watch trailer here : 

Have you ever dreamed of roaming around the world with dinosaurs? 
You could make your dream come true in the land of “Durango” 

 Sign-up for Pre-Alpha test here : 

In the game, you are thrust by a time warp into land of Durango, 
 a vivid and beautiful environment resembling earth’s Mesozoic period. 
You’ll get to create your own world by exploring, pioneering, gathering and building tribes on seamless world. 
You can even tame and ride on your own dinosaur! 

 Join Pre-Alpha Test right now and be the first pioneers in the world of Durango! 
* Please note that not all applicants will be eligible to join the test due to limited tester number. 
* Registration ends on 00:00, 27th Jul PDT. 
* Please make sure to provide accurate information on the survey in order to join the test
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  • ireth84ireth84 Member CommonPosts: 2
    Thanks for info m8 and for link to the game, downloading now :)
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