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Make Money with Pokemon Go

Gyva02Gyva02 Member UncommonPosts: 460
The more I learn about this game the more amazed with it I become. This video just came up in my you tube feed and I thought it was really awesome! This concept for an MMO really is different. When he starts talking about local parks being battle grounds the awesomeness just blew me away. In my town I'm already seeing kids all over the place walking down the streets with their phones, I see them walking in groups. Its like its the 1990's again! kids are outside! ha ha... Also if any of you have your own buisness I think his ideas of turning your biz into a spawn location is a great idea.... now I just hope and cross my fingers that a developer might try and make a game a like this for the Fantasy MMO player. PVP in the parks!!!! how awesome would that be, you could have your holy trinity meeting up in the parks, maybe you could have stealthy rouges and that guy sitting all by himself at a park bench could really be stalking groups and jumps out of stealth and gets ya! ha ha ha this idea of GPS gaming is awesome.

For those of you that are playing it can you see other players on your screen walking about in avatar form?

Anyways heres the video. 


  • DibdabsDibdabs Member UncommonPosts: 2,760
    edited July 2016
    TLDR:  If you want to attract customers to your pizzeria, cafe, church fete, bookshop, car dealership or almost any other business, buy Lures and spawn Pokemon in the area. 

    Very clever idea.  Only last night I was thinking of telling someone I know that runs a snack bar about this.  I was also thinking how handy it would be to get kids to do chores.  "Chores done?  OK, here's an hour of Pokemon spawning for you and your friends" lol.
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