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Ghostbusters review

scorpex-xscorpex-x Member RarePosts: 1,030
If anyone needed to be told and didn't already guess the state of this film


  • KoboliKoboli Member UncommonPosts: 210
    edited July 2016
    This film is going to bomb. I expect a modest opening weekend when the curious few turn out, and then it to fade entirely within 7 days.

    It's time for America - and the western world as a whole - to reel in progressivism before it destroys our culture wholesale. It is okay to say you don't like a movie series originally about 4 dopey guys be recast as 4 girls. That's FINE. What is wrong with thinking that? That's not a slam on women - it's a slam on gimmicks.

    If anything, the sexist act is casting females to play originally-male characters in the first place: they are being chosen for the role BECAUSE THEY ARE FEMALE. Not because they're more talented than male actors; not because they were born to be in this film; not because people have been talking about 'what if' they were hired for this movie for years - that it was a vehicle built for them. No. They were selected because of their vaginas. That's it.

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