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Level through Cyrodiil?

Truvidien88Truvidien88 Member UncommonPosts: 462
Was wondering once you hit 10 can you hit 50 through Cyrodiil?


  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 9,000
    PvP leveling was nerfed along time ago.  Group grinding or questing is it.

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  • SaunZSaunZ Member UncommonPosts: 472
    actually i level pretty fast in Cryodiil... I get to level 10 and then go to Cryodiil and do the daily's.  Doing the Bounty Dailies is a blast and it levels you pretty fast.  It is probably not the fastest way, but it is a really fun way!

    Sz  :)
  • ImpmonImpmon Member UncommonPosts: 81
    I alternate between PVE & PVP but I find PVP quests to be easily repeatable.  Most of the quests are right outside of the quest giver with a few being a slight jog away.  The named NPC's in dungeons also drop blue weapons/armor that level as you do.  So you can keep going back to obtain that axe or whatever every 10 levels and its stats will level with you.

    Only downside is levelling too high in PVP and then you have no waypoints back in PVE land if you ever wanted to run through those quests.
  • SaunZSaunZ Member UncommonPosts: 472
    Oh, I was talking about ESO, where it is impossible to get to high of a level to not do all the PVE quests.  You can see them by just selecting 'display lower level quests' in your set-up.

    Sz  :)
  • AmegashieAmegashie Member UncommonPosts: 289
    Technically it is possible. Leveling by PvE questing is much, much faster though and you'll earn much more gold as well as come across more crafting resources. 

    As a PvP player only you'll have trouble affording any decent equipment once you hit lvl 50.
  • IselinIselin Member LegendaryPosts: 17,779
    Yes you can but even though the XP gains in Cyrodiil have been bumped up, it's certainly not the fastest way to level. OTOH, it's probably the most fun way to do it if you enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them.

    It's tough going at 10 since you'll be missing a lot of skills you haven't unlocked yet. Personally I prefer to go there as a healer with a couple of healing staff skills when I do it with a level 10 character since you can contribute more than if you try to be DPSer without the better skills... and you'll get both Alliance Points and XP faster AOE healing.
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  • R_M_BR_M_B Member UncommonPosts: 42
    Levelling only in Cyrodil is perfectly viable.

    In fact, when you start playing low lvl PvP, there is a high chance you will want to stay there. Around lvl 30 you will do what you can to avoid getting xp to not hit lvl 50 to fast.
    Also, at least on EU server, you will see there is a huge player base that roll new chars just to keep playing in pre-50 campaign.
    And I'm saying this from my own experience - I did level 2 chars 10 to 50 in Cyro, and have 2 more in progress.

  • markh777markh777 Member UncommonPosts: 150
    I DO NOT recommend this for people that have just started the game
    ESO Storylines and Quest are fun content you should experience on your first few toons.
    They are fun!, I know I've done them 8 times

    This guide is for veteran players of the game and want to remake a toon or have done the Main Storyline quest so many times with other toons that they want a fast way to make a new class to play.

    AD faction NO Quest Guide to get to 50,

    3- 10 [Auridon]South Beacon – SW, Lower left part of the map

    10- 14 [Auridon] Ezduiin – NE, middle area of the map

    14 – 18 [Auridon] - North Beacon – NE, top right of the map

    18 – 24 [Grahtwood] - Ossuary Of Telacar – middle west side of map

    24- 28 [Greenshade]Rootwatch Tower – just a little SE from Serpent’s Grotto Wayshrine

    28 – 36 [Greenshade]Verrant Morass - top NE of the map, run circle in the zombie [undead] area

    36 – 44 [Reapers March]Moonmount – lower part of the map

    45- 50 [Coldharbour] Cliffs of Failure - middle East side of the map

    At lvl 16 I crafted [Blue Quality] Set of 5pc Hundings Rage and 4pc Night Mothers Gaze, for a DW/2H Stam Sorc. and used that set from 16 to 50,
    Yep, you read it right, I used a level 16 set of crafted gear all the way to 50!!!
    There is a crafter version of this same set up for Magic users too 5 pc.- Law of Julianos and 4pc. Magnus Gift

    You can skip Reapers March and go over to Coldharbour’s Cliffs of Failure at LvL 36 and see if it works well for you.

    I didn’t have a problem with the area Cliffs of Failure with my Stam. Sorc. @ LvL 36 with blue LvL 16 Gear,
    I had the area to my self most mornings, Lots of drops so I was making good coin as I was lvl'ing

    After hitting 50 I went back through the zones and hit skyshards, Public Dungeon group bosses for extra skill points.

    I do have a little more time on my hands, but 2 to 4 hours in each area will get you some good XP
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