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Age of conan f2p changes



  • RawizRawiz Member UncommonPosts: 505
    H0urg1ass said: SNIP
    To be honest, what this game needs is Gaute Godager back in charge.  His vision is what created the phenomenal base game that Craig and Bylos and company have done jack squat to improve.  Gaute may have overpromised, but he only under delivered because of corporate getting in the way.  I think he would have eventually righted the ship if they hadn't made him walk the plank.
    Yeah, that guy is now a teacher, but he actually had a vision. The "world" wasn't ready for it at the time, but now it is. Too bad for FC.
  • Daneus84Daneus84 Member UncommonPosts: 13
    Underrated game, with graphics that still holds up today, The only MMORPG with nudity and brutal dismembering of enemies. 
    Now with the recent revamp of the F2P model, I can only encourage old players to return, if you own the content you can play it as a F2P member.

    I have personal screamed for changes and many others too, at last they did something about it.

    Official forum name (Daneus2212) Hope to see you ingame lets go crack some skulls (Crom)
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