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Going Deeper Underground

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerMMORPG.COM Staff LegendaryPosts: 31,712

imageGoing Deeper Underground

On Tuesday the Division released its first bit of paid DLC, Underground. Rob immediately dug in and reported back with his results.

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  • orbitxoorbitxo Member RarePosts: 1,927
    wow- a bit surprised how small that map really is- and lack of story sounds a bit disappointing - the price seems right though 14.99 on steam- so i guess we get what we pay for.
  • XarkoXarko Member RarePosts: 994
    But now its too late
    there is no escape
    from what they have done
  • MisterZebubMisterZebub Member EpicPosts: 3,180
    Drat. And here I was hoping to see a DLC where you get to fight Jareth and his horde of goblins.

    “I was, in days gone by, a believer. But, alas, I came to this beleaguered land and the God in me just … evaporated. Let us change our toast, then, to the God that has forgotten us.”

  • FelixMajorFelixMajor Member RarePosts: 854
    I'll buy this game when it is <$20 on steam.

    Originally posted by Arskaaa
    "when players learned tacticks in dungeon/raids, its bread".

  • corvascorvas Member UncommonPosts: 139
    edited July 2016

    I'll buy this game when it is <$20 on steam.</div>

    you might check in their daily twitch stream these days, they are giving away the game and season passes and more, every day now.

    This game just became alot more fun for PVE players and i like it alot and i hated the way they went in the last update, it felt like they pushed towards PVP alot, but this update proves me wrong and the PVE is taking the lead on PVP now, more things to do and not feeling that it is a grind anymore because of the variety of what you can do.

    I really suggest you try it, you would like it alot
  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Member RarePosts: 3,785
    The Divison is awesome fun. The wife and I play it nightly on PC.

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